MTS Offers Local Calls At 2p/3sec in Bihar

MTS has launched an unique special tariff voucher that offers local calls at 2 paisa per 3 seconds. It means that you will be charged 40 paisa per minute for all local calls to any network. This offer is currently available in Bihar and Jharkhand circle.

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Plan Details:

Price: Rs.149
Validity: 365 days
Circle: Bihar and Jharkhand
Benefits: All local calls at 2 paisa per 3 seconds

This special tariff voucher is useful since it comes with a 365 days validity and hence there is no need to recharge every month. The price of this voucher is just Rs.149. MTS also provides other tariff vouchers that offers 1 paisa per 2 seconds, i.e. 30 paisa per minute, but it comes with a validity of just 30 days. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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