Motorola Launches 5 Cheap Phones in India

Motorola which has been seeing declining sales in the Indian markets due to several other cheap mobile phone makers, has introduced 5 new cheap entry level handsets in India. The low cost handsets will be launched under the MOTOYUVA brand.

All the new Motorola handsets are priced between Rs. 1,490 and Rs. 2,890 and offer basic functionalities like color display, FM radio, USB port and memory slot. Motorola has unveiled the WX181, WX260, WX265, WX290 and WX295 phones in India.

MOTO WX181 Details


The MOTO W181 is the most basic of these devices and does not have a memory slot. The phone supports GSM 900/1800 and also has a Mini USB connection. In addition to that the phone also has a built-in FM Radio player. The display is 1.5 inches, 128×128 pixels and supports 65K colors. It also has support for midi ringtones, screensavers and . MOTO WX181 is the cheapest phone and will sell for Rs. 1,490.

MOTO WX260 Details


Unlike the MOTO W181, MOTO WX260 has a memory slot expansion through a MicroSD card and can store up to 800 address entries on the phone. The phone also has a FM radio player.  MOTO WX260 also has a 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels display with 65K TFT. Data can be expanded up to 2GB using a MicroSD card.

MOTO WX260 supports midi and MP3 ringtones and also supports wallpapers. The phone is again a GSM 900/1800 and also supports GPRS Class 10 and Mini USB connectivity.

MOTO WX265 Details


MOTO WX265 is a "Flip phone" and is a bit advanced than the first two phones. It also has support MicroSD cards up to 2GB and also has Bluetooth connectivity. The phone also has FM Radio, GPRS Class 10 support and Mini USB connectivity. MOTO WX265 also comes with preloaded Games and support MP3 ringtones. The display of the MOTO WX265 is 65K TFT with a 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels screen.

MOTO WX290 Details


MOTO WX290 is a advanced phone in the 5 phones released and has a VGA camera, along with support for Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS Class 10 support and USB Connectivity. MOTO WX290 also has support for a MicroSD card which can be expanded to 2GB. The display is same as the MOTO @X265 and it also has a built-in FM Radio and MP3 ringtones.

MOTO WX295 Details


MOTO WX295 is the most advanced phone of the lot and is a "Flip phone" with a VGA camera. Just like the other phones WX295 also has a MicroSD card support up to 2GB and Bluetooth connectivity. WX295 also has FM radio support and has games preloaded with the device. There are two displays on the phone and the internal is 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels whereas the external display is 96×16 pixels.

Considering that Nokia is the king in the Indian market and people have lots of cheap options available along with several cheap Dual SIM phones in India, this strategy of targeting  lower end consumers by Motorola may help them gain more market share.

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