Micromax W900 – Windows Smartphone for Just Rs. 7,000

Over the past year, the cheap smartphone category has been growing by leaps and bounds. Stylish phones like Samsung Corby managed to grab the imagination of the young generation and have become runaway hits. However, Micromax is taking a slightly different route and is concentrating on functionality over style.


Micromax W900 is an impressive offering, which runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. Under the hood of W900 lies a competent K3 Hi3611 460MHz processor coupled with 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. The handset is bundled with a 2 GB microSD card; however, cards up to 16 GB are supported. Besides the standard Windows Mobile features such as Microsoft Office, Active Sync and Pocket SMS, W900 also includes some handy goodies such as Maps powered by MapmyIndia.

Sure, Micromax may not be able to offer the smooth experience we have come to expect from big names like Nokia and Samsung. However, Win Mo has numerous benefits and there are very few Windows Mobile phones in the sub-10k price range. This alone makes Micromax W900 a handset to seriously consider.

Micromax W900 Specification

Dimensions: 112*55*14.2mm
Display: 262K, 3.2 inchesWQVGA.
Camera: 2.0 MP CMOS with Flashlight
Music: Multi Format Music Player (MP3 / AMR / MIDI / WMA)
Video Player: WMV/WMA/Mp4/H.263/AVI
Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.1
GPS: Yes, with maps from MapmyIndia
Motion Sensor: Yes
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Messaging: Yes, SMS/MMS/EMS/Email
Expandable Memory: MicroSD (upto 16GB)
Battery Type: Li-ion 1500mAh
Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
Standby Time: Up to 480 hours

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  • Ari

    Hi everyone
    This is to tell you about my experience with this phone which might be useful for some who is looking for any feedback about this W900 phone. I got mine on 3rd of Apil for Rs 7750/- in Kolkata. This is my first Win mobile.

    * Why i bought this Phone?
    I was looking for the largest-full-touchscreen-camera-bluetooth-3G-GPS-WIFI-Edge-G-sensor-Dual-SIM and all the works in a single mobile within a reasonable budget (below Rs 10,000). I settled for this one with no real alternatives i guess.

    *What i had to trade-off?
    I had to be satisfied with 2MP camera without Flash, had to let go 3G capability and biggest loss was Dual-Sim functionality.

    *What i gained?
    A Windows phone.
    3.2 inch of screen real-estate.
    Full touch functionality with complete G-sensor capability.

    *Negatives of W900…
    1. Windows mobile with SPB (not as user friendly as normal phones – for the uninitiated)
    2. 2MP camera (not really of great quality) without Flash (absolutely essential)
    3. External speaker is crap (even the ringtones dont sound loud)
    4. No carry-in-slot for the Stylus (biggest worry – which you will feel while using Win mobile)
    5. No carry pouch/cover in the package.

    *Positives of W900…
    1. 3.2 inch full touch screen (one of the largest you will get)
    2. Good touch response and fluid graphics with reasonably good resolution.
    3. Battery backup of 1.5/2 day is good enough for full-touchscreen(dont know of any better)
    4. Windows mobile again (if you are one looking out for it)
    5. 16 GB of storage support (reminds me of the iPhone/iPod touch i couldn’t buy)
    6. Price is below Rs 8000 which is great considering a full-touch – 3.2 inch – Win mobile – camera-phone with GPS and WIFI (none gives you greater value for money)

    *All in all…
    Certainly this phone comes with a rider or two but at the end of the day i couldn’t find a mobile with Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G-support, GPRS-Edge, GPS, Dual-Sim, above 3″ full touchscreen, camera phone within my budget of Rs 10,000. Instead i got myself a Windows mobile with 16GB storage capacity and am extremely happy that i did trust an Indian company and was not let down. For me its “so far so good” and i know for certain that the future is never certain.

    • Teja

      I know a phone with Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G-support, GPRS-Edge, GPS, Dual-Sim, above 3″ full touchscreen, camera phone and also a 3 MP Camera but please clarify one thing do it have 2 gb memory card.And the Phone is Samsung Monte S5620

      • kenx

        u can buy a phone which has more function than this !!
        which is nokia x3 touch and type
        its a new addition of nokia x3
        but a disquality
        2.4 inch touch screen although it is great fone than
        micromax w900 wich has no 3.5 mm jack
        in its speaker
        i m not telling u wat to buy
        but its my opinion also

        now its up to u

    • Teja

      Hey Can’t you reply plz reply



      can u please tell me the procedure of group sms in micromax w900.

      I couldn’ t find out this feature in the mobile

      please mail me on my personal mail Id “[email protected]

      I will be very thankful of yours


    • rdx

      this phone dnot have a dual sim nor its a 3g phone

    • do i buy it ? Really Is it a good phone ?

  • pawan

    I would like o buy this handset but in my ciuty Lucknow its cost is 8000 so from where I may get it @ 7000

    • Vipul

      I would like o buy this handset but in my ciuty Nashik its cost is 8000 so from where I may get it @ 7000/- & i want to see this mibile phone before buy, Where i can?

  • kamlesh

    hey this stuff is really good. i will buy it.. but again in my city its price is 8200/- will u plz lemme know where to buy it from? and yes it provides a free 2GB SD card

  • sardar

    I want mobile of dual sim,2 or above MP

    camera,3g technoloy & with full touch screen below 8000 rupees

  • sardar

    I want mobile of dual sim,2 or above MP

    camera,3g technoloy & with full touch screen below 8000 rupees

    micro SD card expandable upto 8 or 16 GB

    • Prafull Bansal

      U should try Micromax550 Qube.It has all the features u listed but it is not a 3G handset.It’s price is Rs.4,990 which is totally amazing.It also has a 3Dcube interface.

  • Damodar

    I am in pune
    I want Micromax windows handset with dual sim
    suggest any nearst shop in pune city

  • Hemant Jadhav

    It’s worst phone from a worst company in india. bought this F***all piece 4 months back, ever since I suffered a lot. Hangs every other day, if u give it to service center u will get it after one month (in same condition), i have given it 3 times already. Micromax does not care if u call their helpline no. becausethey never answer it. It keeps u waiting 4 infinite time. never ever (in your dream also) buy this useless phone, nokia’s mobile worth Rs.999 is much much better than this 8000 rs. piece. Micromax should close there shutter & go to village for farming…

  • suresh patel

    i want dual sim touch screen n 3g phone with symbian os or anaroid
    so i can use smart voip,globe7,skype on mobile

  • anil

    I want to know the exact price of Micromax W900 phone in india,and where can i find it in dehradun