Meru Cabs To Provide Free Internet To Travellers In Association With MTS

We have heard about in-flight wi-fi services and internet earlier. Also there was some news about Indian Railways getting free internet connection to all passengers on all it’s express trains. However what Meru Cabs (a private cab service in the various metros of India) has announced simply sounds to be an icing on the cake. Meru Cabs has partnered with MTS Telecom to provide free internet services to all travellers using it’s cab services.

As of now the service has been launched only in New Delhi and Mumbai. However Meru Cabs plans to launch this in other major cities soon – Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

How does it Work?

If you are travelling in a Meru Cab in one of the above mentioned cities in India then all you need to do in order to get free internet service in the cab is just ask the cab driver for an MBlaze dongle.   Just plug in the data card dongle into your laptop / netbook and you will be instantly connected to the Internet with unlimited data download.

But, Will this Work?

Today most of the users in India who carry a laptop / netbook along with them have a mobile internet solution, be it the 3G or the USB internet dongles from various Internet Service Providers in India. So, when an user is already using one, installing the MTS MBlaze may be a problem on their laptops. The unlimited data plan may lure users, but then on an average travelers do not take cab rides of duration more than 1 – 1.5 hours. So, only time will tell if this initiative from MTS will really work.

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