CDN Solutions Launches Masala Pedia app for iPhone

CDN Solutions, a company which develops mobile applications has come up with a new application called Masala Pedia, which will allow users to lookup and convert the names of a masala (spice) into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

masalapedia-iphone-home masalapedia-iphone-browse

There are times when you are cooking a dish from a recipe book and don’t know what a type of spice is called in the your language. The Masala Pedia app will allow you to lookup names of common spices. The free app for iPhone can help you lookup up to 20 masala names.

In addition to that you can also search for spices and view details about them, including images and descriptions. The app works on both the iPhone and iPod touch and was tested on a iPod Touch 3G edition.

The full app is can be purchased for $0.99. For more details and download links visit the Masala Pedia iPhone app page.

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