Is Aircel Getting Ready For 3G?

As we are already aware of the fact that 3G auctions in India have experienced numerous delays, the government has yet again  given out official date for the auctions this month. This might get delayed again, but we are pretty sure that 3G auctions are going to be held very soon. You may ask, how? Well, Aircel has now offloaded its towers to GTL, an Indian communications infrastructure operator, for around $1.84bn.


GTL will take over 17,500 existing towers and will take over rights to roll out 20,000 more. We are pretty sure that this move by Aircel might be replicated by various other operators. It is good to see that operators have finally started taking few steps towards the launch of 3G network in India. Aircel has around 30 million subscribers to its base which might soon enjoy the 3G speed.

Not only has Aircel sold its towers but also is getting ready with its own app store. Infosys, India’s second-largest IT company will be developing this app store which will use its white label app store platform Flypp to power the shop front. However, it is to be soon how does this app store fairs before and after the launch of 3G.

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  • satheesh

    aircel has developed with lots of changes with new advanced features, eagerly looking forward to come out with 3G ntwk.aircel really means a lot!

  • Launching Date???

  • vIsHwA pANdEy . . .

    so when aircel is going to launch 3g . .i guess next year or even later . .its indeayh . .. .mail me the date of launchig. . am waiting. .

  • Cant wait for it to launch, ready with my galaxy tab and an aircel sim

  • Senthil Nathan

    When Aircel Launch 3G

  • AnubhavB

    Aircel 3G is the best. Three cheers to Aircel.