Indian Telecom Weekly Roundup 2

Continuing with the trend we started last week, here is the weekly roundup #2.

Vodafone made choosing the right call/data plan hell lot easier than ever. All you need to do is call 121, a toll free number, from your Vodafone number and there are people waiting for you to assist you choose the apt plan according to your usage. Isn’t it great? Now lets hope even other mobile operators implement it on their network, which we hope they would soon, considering the stiff competition.

Indian Telecom industry is growing at much larger exponential rate than expected. Is it Good? Yes, but also lots of pain to TRAI in coming weeks. Telecom subscribers are just out bursting, which might end up in revising the National numbering plan much sooner than expected. We might soon get a 11-digit Mobile number and also fixed line numbers, if the new revised plan would be considered.

MTNL Delhi and Vodafone launched new 3G and world calling cards, respectively. If MTNL’s plan indicates anything then 3G might get cheaper whenever the auction goes live. Virgin Mobile on the other hand has now entered the GSM market in India starting with 5 south Indian cities. It sounds like a wise decision as GSM in India huge compared to CDMA. At the end of September 09, 371 million subscribers used GSM, in contrast to 101 million subscribers using CDMA, according to TRAI. Virgin also bagged HOT jodi’ of Ranbir Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. We have no idea how much they charged for it, but we know Amir Khan charged Rs 32 to Rs 35 crore to the new mobile operator entrant Etisalat with Swan Telecom

InteX, which does not have a wiki page yet, launched two new dual SIM feature rich mobile phones in the Indian market: Intex IN 6622 and Intex i Smart. The design of the later looks like to be stolen from RIM’s Blackberry but for that low price, the handset is a steal if you are already on a border on your budget.

Since we are talking of border, lets talk about some other physical border. Government has finally decided to uplift the two and half month old ban on prepaid connections in J&K region, stating that the Centre finalized a "foolproof" plan to ensure proper verification of nearly 38 lakh cell phone subscribers in the state. All we can do is hope that their foolproofplan works else they would end up making a fool out of themselves.

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