India to Get Mobile Number Portability by October 31

MNP in IndiaMobile Number Portability is one of those things which Indian mobile users have been waiting for since eons now; the other being the launch of 3G services. The launch of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been delayed many times in the past year, but now it seems that MNP may finally be a reality in India.

Mr. J. S. Sharma, Chairman of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), announced today that all mobile operators will have to enable MNP by October 31. The DOT (Department of Telecom) also said that all operators must ensure that their networks support MNP by September 1; failing which they won’t be allowed to launch any new services.

Reportedly, BSNL and MTNL’s networks are already MNP-ready and other major operators will also have to comply with MNP requirements by September 1.

Mobile Number Portability allows you to change their operator without changing their number. With the launch of MNP, operator services are expected to improve as consumers will be free to shift to any operator offering better service. Hopefully, this time around, we will actually get it.

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  • Yes. Hopefully. The deadline has been pushed so many times now, it has become a joke.

  • harshal

    can i change my operator from tata indicom(CDMA) to vodafone(GSM) by keeping my old no. same

  • I don't think we even have that capability here in Canada. Here when you want to switch to a new cell phone network, you have no choice but to abandon your phone number.

  • Karthik D Naveen

    Since,I have been paying my post-paid bills,which show more than what i used thinking that MNP will come.All these two years,i waited like a farmer waiting for rain.Nothing happened.Even now,same thing will continue….Next deadline will be March 2011.

  • Vignesh

    Can any one tell me if any provider has started testing mobile number portability. As per TRAI they need to start testing this from september 1st. So has any one started on that. Can any one tell on that side