India to Develop Its Own Futuristic OS

The Indian Government, according to a report by ET, is planning to develop its own computer operating system. The IT infrastructure in India has been targeted a lot by hackers and cyber criminals in the past.

The DRDO (Defence and Research Development Organization) has partnered with software companies in Bangalore and academic institutions to set up two software development centers, in Bangalore and Delhi.

The new operating system will be built from scratch indigenously, and after the development is complete, it will probably be deployed in major government offices.

“There are many gaps in our software areas; particularly we don’t have our own operating system. So, in today’s world where you have tremendous requirements of security on whatever you do… economy, banking and defence… it’s essential that you need to have an operating system.

We have to protect it (our data), (and) the only way to protect it is to have a home-grown system, the complete architecture… source code is with you and then nobody knows what’s that.” said Dr. V. K. Saraswat, Director General of DRDO and Secretary, Defence R & D.

I do hope that atleast this works out properly; though given the past track record of the Indian Government (read: the Chinese “Indian” tablet and the $10 laptop that turned out to be a USB drive), it’s likely that it won’t.

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