Fly Mobile Booom MC10 – Stylish Dual SIM Multimedia Phone for Rs. 3649

There is no dearth of cheap multimedia phones in the Indian market. Fly Mobile Booom MC10 is the another entrant, which is hoping to wow the youth. Speaking on the launch of the MC10, Prem Kumar, CEO of Fly Mobile commented, We are targeting it towards the music aficionados in tier I and tier II cities at an age bracket of 18-35. It’s like carrying your own music system along and having a boom time wherever and whenever.”

Indeed, the biggest draw of the MC10 is its music playing capabilities. The FM radio player can save up to 15 channels, has 5 different FM alarms and supports FM recording. On the other hand, the gorgeous audio player (MP3/MP4A) supports album art as well as lyrics. Both of them are well supported by a super loud speaker.


Although the Booom supports both photography and video capture, the image quality offered by its VGA camera is lacklustre. If you want a decent camera phone, this handset is obviously not for you. On the other hand, if you want a capable music player, Booom might just win you over. It even ships with a 2GB memory card, which is preloaded with Bollywood content.

Fly Mobile Booom MC10 is available for Rs. 3,649.

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