Send Us Mobile Tips from India to Earn Free Talktime

As you might have already seen, we are now expanding into Indian Telecom & Broadband and Indian Technology in general. As our expansion plans are in progress, we feel the need to deliver more breaking news in this sector.

As a offer to our readers, we have a new plan in place where we want you to send us tips. In return for those tips, we will give you free talk time up to Rs. 50.

Here are some rules you need to follow in order to be eligible for free talktime:

Look forward to receiving more tips from our readers. Have fun.

8 thoughts on “Send Us Mobile Tips from India to Earn Free Talktime”

    1. @Martin – Once you send us the tip, we will go through it and write about it after researching. The tip will be published in the Techie Buzz -> Indian Telecom section. Once we have published the tip we will get in touch with you to send you your free talktime.

  1. Airtel prepaid free hello tune for one month just dial 543211888 u can activate any of the song u hear after 30 day just deactivate by dialing 5463211808

  2. Airtel network is realy good but they have to be increse their 2g usage plan it should be 2gb insteaed of one . Bcoz now 3g is in marke
    t or 4g already in kolkatta

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