Dual SIM G-Fone G-588 Phone Launched In India For Rs 4799

Bright Telecom India has debuted in India by launching a new Dual SIM G-Fone series phone named G-588 which will allow users to change SIMs and use the phone on both a GSM network or a CDMA network.


The phone also has a full Qwerty keyboard, social networking integration through Nimbuzz and a 2.2 inch QVGA display, along with Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio, Mini and a Indian Calendar. G-588 also has a 1.3MP camera and support for a MicroSD card.

From the looks of the phone, users might relate it with a Blackberry, however, the dual SIM capabilities is definitely the biggest USP of the phone, considering that CDMA is doing good in India and many service providers have equal options for both the networks.

Bright Telecom will be selling the G-588 phone for about Rs 4,799 which is approximately around $105. Considering the price, the phone is a definite steal.

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  • review

    Poor sound OF voice on call.

    poor quality of earphones(worst just broke in one day) returned to the shopkeeper.

    poor battery back up. if charge it in the morning. dead in the evening.

    worst OS. tried to increase the menu items by repeating the same item. like indian calendar,tasks Alarm,world clock,,Stop watch VIDEO PLAYER, CAMERA is given in organizer, extra and Multimedia and as direct menu items . all submenu items as main menu items. . only 250 kb inbuilt memory. no themes. waste of money. dont go for it.

    • Vishal C.

      i think china phones are better tan this. poor service given by shopkeeper for this poor phone. slow operating system. just dump songs & listen songs as per instrument choice. there is no songs selection. 1.3 mp camera (ghanta), vga is better than this quality. i dont know my earphones also broken ( poor quality ), keep charger always with u……..faltu phone……….

  • review

    no option to select mode


    sim1 only

    sim/uim2 only



    only flight mode

    flight mode is available.

    best thing in this mobile is, it can serve both GSM and CDMA. get ring while call on call another network. can call to other network from the same phone itself may be because of GSB


    no option to select recurring birth day reminder in calender. no option to create folder for messages in phone. no seperation of sim1 and sim2 phone book. no call recording. overall we can say it’s missing many basic functionalities which are provided in basic phones. battery back up is very low it is serious issue with this phone whether u talk or not it will give back up only less than one day with no multimedia usage. i never expected these many drawbacks in one phone.

  • Kindly let us know from where can we purchase this mobile Dual SIM G-Fone series G-588. kindly send mail or sms at 9212011024

  • swapnil

    I have purchased it.
    Before buying it i was in oppose of china phones but now i can surely Guaranty it China is far better than this fone
    They are Fooling People. Lots of Problems I cant Tell u.

    1.Keypad stucks

    2.CPU is very cheap slow in processing.

    3.No T9 Dict

    4.Camera is 3rd class (china is better than this one)

    5.No Zooming options while watchin photos

    6.Java is enabled but Games move with pause of abt 5 sec. So cant play games

    7.Provider Info and Date/Time on display cannot be turned off.

    8.while searching name frm PhnBook if we type few letters n clear it again for
    typing another name it wont get called we ve to completly go to Home Display then come back again.

    9.Provides only Single Battery but of No Good Backup.

    10.Some Times names of sms sender's get misplaced in MsgBox.

    11. Mp4 converted videos wont get played only videos recorded from Phones which have Mp4 format can be played. No Songs or Movies in Mp4 format can be played

  • I want to buy this Gfone G-588, can any one mail me where can i buy in bangalore with Bill and manufacture warranty??

    • review


      i want to tell u more about this mobile which i hav purchased on march 24, posted comments about that phone above. i gave it to service centre on april 13 telling them the three problems with this phone.

      1. cheap quality head phones(which were broken by itself very first day).

      2. poor sound on call(they said they will replace the reciever.

      3. poor battery backup.

      after exactly one month(meanwhile i was callin them twice a week they were sayin some times already dispatched to the company and some times not yet) i got the phone back as it was before, nothing repaired or replaced. just gave a better headphone. that’s it. i asked them that.. the sound is same as it was b4. worst service provided. really really waste of money. i will say dont go for it.

  • Pritesh

    Guys Please inquire the dealer b4 buying this phone. i bought Gfone 588 model and it has this prob. When you are talking on 1gsm line the line2 will comes not reachable. so please look into this matter before buying. JUST WANTED TO WARN YOU GUYS ..

  • sreenivas

    Im using gfone its working good.

    specifications:- dual sim mobile(gsm+gsm and also gsm+ cdma)two modes are available.

    8GB supported. Bluetooth headset is supported bcoz im testing my gfone .

    Java also supported . Download games,softwares will supported this phone. battey backup 1 1/2day.
    Internet browsing gmail,orkut,facebook,twitter,skypa,yahoo etc..is supported
    so totally i feel gud this fone..

    many features are there..this phone looks like BLACKBERRY..looking so nice..
    im from hyderabad


    Dear sir,
    I want Dual sim CDMA set. Both sim use in CDMA.
    Please send me model No.

    Umrsh sharma