Download Zoozoo 2010 Calendar Wallpapers


Here is some good news for all   Zoozoo fans. Vodafone has officially released a calendar for 2010, featuring none other than Zoozoo, the favorite of the masses.

The Zoozoo 2010 calendar consists of wallpapers for your desktop for every month and comes in a 1024 x 768 resolution. If you are not satisfied with just these, you can explore our to find more interesting wallpapers.

You can download and use the Zoozoo calendar wallpapers for free on your desktop, MAC or Linux. Sadly, there is only one resolution available, it would be great, if they had released the wallpapers in widescreen resolutions too.

Download the Zoozoo 2010 Calendar Wallpapers (direct link to zip file)

3 thoughts on “Download Zoozoo 2010 Calendar Wallpapers”

  1. god bless you for this. my daughters always cherish this prized possession all through 2010. thank you for sharing this calendar

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