DoT Number Portability Delayed to April 2010

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for India has delayed the number portability, a feature which will allow users to switch providers without having to change numbers, to April 2010.


Originally Number Portability, also called as Mobile Number Portability (MNP), was supposed to be rolled out on January 1st 2010. However telecom providers in India have been delaying the launch, citing reasons of need to upgrade their networks to make this work.

DoT has now planned to ask all mobile services to rollout this feature simultaneously, starting April 2010. According to the Cellular Operators Association of India, the body for GSM operators in India.

in a communication to the DoT, had pointed out that a phased rollout could lead to a scenario where a subscriber calling a ported number from a service area where MNP is not implemented in the first phase may not be able to get through. Hence it is important for all networks to be MNP ready in the first phase itself so as to ensure successful call completion,

The delay of Mobile Number Portability has definitely been a dampener for hassled users, who are fedup of having to change their numbers when they move across to new providers.

The delay aside, it is baffling to see that DoT has not yet tested out the new MNP, even when they had initially planned to roll it out on January 1st 2010. A feature as huge as this is bound to face different problems, and users will be left with no option but to call multiple mobile providers and be dumped from one place to the other to resolve their problems.

We hope that when DoT launches MNP, it is properly tested and ready for one of the World’s largest mobile market.

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