Cricket Fuels 50% Mobile Downloads In India: BuzzCity Report

Cricket is no doubt one of the most hyped happenings throughout in India. Not only a lot of businesses in India thrive around the sport but a lot of them (whose business is not related to sports) use Cricket as means of garnering users and new customers. Mobile Advertisement Network BuzzCity has come up with their quarterly report which again proves that India is one of the fastest mobile markets.

According to the report published by BuzzCity, India topped the ad-impressions table with an increase of 44% in the ad-impressions volume in Q1, 2011 as compared to that in Q4, 2010. This shows how more and more Indian users are jumping to mobile web content via various applications and internet.

India also topped the Game / Mobile App downloads rankings table with almost 15 Million apps / games download for mobile phones. This is a whopping 26% growth as compared to the last quarter. Most of the mobile apps and games that were downloaded were Cricket centric and 50% of game downloads in India were related to cricket. Advertisers and
developers have taken this advantage and launched various cricket-themed applications, games and marketing campaigns and have tasted success!

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