BSNL Launches BlacMail – Innovative Pushmail Service

BSNL has launched a next generation pushmail service called BlacMail that eliminates the need of any GPRS connection in order to receive e-mail notifications the moment an e-mail arrives in your inbox. Currently BSNL plans to launch the service only in the BSNL Karnataka circle with plans to rollout the service to all BSNL circles nationwide soon. BSNL customers can download BlacMail onto a compatible phone by sending the following SMS (BM ACTIVATE) to 50046 (toll-free) and following the simple instructions for activating the service instantly.

BlacMail enables customers having accounts with most public email systems to instantly receive email notifications on a wide variety of phone models from inexpensive and popular models to smart phones – with a user experience available today only on high-end pushmail services on expensive smart phones.

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    1. @Pallab..agreed about the funny part..but i think its a good idea…cuz you tend to remember the name because its unusual :P

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