Browse Free on Airtel Live on Airtel Prepaid GPRS

If you are a Airtel Live user on Airtel Prepaid GPRS, here is a trick which will allow you to browse for free on your Airtel Live connection without having to pay for anything, yes absolutely free.


To browse for free on your Airtel Live connection, you will need to load this site on your browser, and you will be able to browse for free. Please note, sometimes you will be charged when you click on a link, however this does not happen every time so please keep an eye on the charges you encounter to be safe.

We confirmed this trick with our friend Kunal G, who is an Airtel Live user and it works perfectly fine. However, the above site is neither associated with Google nor Airtel. Please confirm the above based on your own browsing, we take no liabilities if you are charged for browsing using the above URL.

Thanks for the tip N J, your free talktime will be on its way soon. You can earn free talktime too by sending us tips which we will publish here, read more about how you can earn free talktime at Techie Buzz.

Note: The above trick is for informational purpose only, we have not created the above URL and are not associated with it.

4 thoughts on “Browse Free on Airtel Live on Airtel Prepaid GPRS”

  1. In which world you are living? Its a near about 2 year old trick. Discovered long ago in our Forum and yes it 100% works apprx. in whole india and the reason its free in airtel is is a free accessible site in AIRTEL LIVE, Mobile office (Volume based) . There were alot of tricks like this but most them is blocked. Recent trick was Indiatimes gateway. This days Reliance gsm rocks in Free gprs

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