Blackberry India Issue Resolved: RIM to Allow Access to Encrypted Email Data

Blackberry India Ban

After playing a few rounds of “Who Blinks First” with the Indian Government, RIM has finally given in and has agreed to allow access to its encrypted email and messenger data to the Indian security agencies. It will set up local servers in India to manage the encrypted email data of its Indian users.

Indian authorities had threatened to ban Blackberry services in India on August 31, if they didn’t allow them access to the encrypted data passing through its servers located in Canada. It had requested that RIM set up local servers in India which could be monitored at will by the security agencies for security reasons. Now, with RIM agreeing to meet their demands, they have granted them 60 more days to address their concerns and install email routing servers locally.

Blackberry has more than a million users in India. Airtel, Vodafone and other operators had already been ordered to shut down Blackberry services tomorrow, on August 31, if the security issues weren’t resolved.

Indian Blackberry users, rejoice!


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