BIG TV To Launch 60 New Channels, Plans To Sell 20% Stake

As if BIG TV is not already providing a lot of entertainment to it’s customers through their own entertainment channels and HD Content in addition to other channels, BIG TV now plans to launch 60 more channels which will include entertainment content and more HD content in addition to all other existing channels that it has already been offering.

Currently BIG TV uses eight transponders to broadcast over 200 channels. The company now plans to use a superior compression technology (MPEG 4 for instance) that would help them broadcast up to 35-40 channels per transponder. So, BIG TV is planning to introduce two new transponders that will enable them   to broadcast another 60 channels, including the existing HD movie and entertainment channels over next three months. The number of channels can be taken upto 400 in the future with 12 total transponders in place.

Talking of investments, BIG TV’s chief executive officer, Sanjay Behl said that the company is also open to selling up to 20 per cent stake in the company to a strategic partner. And with this a possibility of FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) getting interested cannot be ruled out.

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