Apple Slashes iPad Prices in India; Starts at Rs 24500

Apple iPadApple launched the iPad in India on January 29, 2011, about an year after it was first announced. Despite being a bit late, the iPad was received warmly in India and many people I know went ahead and bought one, despite it being priced at Rs 27900, which is quite high for an year old product.

Just a week back, Apple officially announced the iPad 2, confirming my suspicion that Apple was just dumping the remaining stock of the iPad on India. After the iPad 2 launch, Apple announced that it would slash the price of the original iPad by $100, pricing the entry level 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad at $399. It also announced that it would refund $100 to anyone who had recently bought an iPad.

Today, Apple India has changed the iPad pricing details, and revised the pricing of all the iPad models. The iPad now starts at just Rs 24500 and goes up all the way to Rs 41900.

Here is a list of the revised Apple iPad prices in India:

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi only

16 GB – Rs. 24,500
32 GB – Rs. 29,500
64 GB – Rs. 34,500

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G

16 GB – Rs. 31,900
32 GB – Rs. 36,900
64 GB – Rs. 41,900

The iPad 2 doesn’t offer any major improvements over the iPad; it comes only with a pair of cameras and a faster processor with more RAM. The iPad is still a good buy, and at this price point, I would definitely recommend it. Also, considering Apple’s love for India, the iPad 2 will probably be launched here in the next century, so it wouldn’t be unwise to get the iPad now.

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