Airtel To Offer “Family Name” Caller Tune Service On fixed Line Subscribers


Bharti Airtel, today announced the launch of its new value added service for its fixed line subscribers. Airtel has around 2.9 million fixed line subscribers to its base and all of them would now be able to set up a pre-recorded welcome message customized to the customer’s individual family name to greet callers instead of the conventional tone with more than 1,000 most common Indian family names being offered to the user to choose from.

For most homes today in the country, the fixed line remains irreplaceable as the family phone. Having a welcome message customized with a family name will help our customers to enhance the calling experience,says Bharti Airtel Chief Marketing Officer (Telemedia Services), Vikas Singh.

This service would be available for a one time fee of Rs.15 for the setup and Rs.30 monthly for subscription. So if you want to greet your callers with your family name, you can do so with your Airtel connection.

These days, people in urban region prefer to have a mobile connection at home instead of having a fixed line connection for the cheaper rates available on mobile connection. I wonder how many would actually use this service, even though Airtel boosts them having 2.9 million connections, are customers ready to shelve Rs.30 for monthly subscriptions? Do you still have a landline connection at home? Would you activate this service? Let us know via comments.

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