Airtel Offers Talktime And Data On Rs.45 Special Recharge In Karnataka

After reducing the price of data usage, Airtel is now offering an unique recharge voucher in Karnataka circle that gives you talktime on your core balance as well as free data usage for 30 days. This recharge is useful for those who wants to check their mails or stay connected with their friends on the go.


Plan Details:

Price: Rs.45
Validity: 30 days
Circle: Karnataka
Benefits: Rs.30 core balance + 105 MB data usage

The price of this special recharge is only Rs.45 and it gives you a talktime of Rs.30 in your core balance as well as free data usage of 105MB. The validity of this recharge is 30 days and it is currently available only in Karnataka circle. If this recharge voucher is available in your circle as well, then please let us know in the comments.

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Omkar Dutta

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  • santosh kulkarni

    Now this plan has modified as follows

    Price: Rs.45
    Validity: 10 days
    Circle: Karnataka
    Benefits: Rs.30 core balance + 100 MB data usage

    To activate this plan dail *567*11# then recharge with Rs.45/- to check balance and data usage dail *123*10#.

    All the best……

  • Roktim

    today i received message that 45 recharge giving 45 local minutes+45 mb data+ 45 smsvalid for 30 days + 45 A to A night talktime valid for 7 days ,it is a good offer i think . Its for Kolkata.

    • Thanks for the tip.. Keep sending us more tip in future :)

  • Liberty

    I recharged with 45rs and got no balance, no data usage and I stay in Karnataka. Why is this?

  • Seems this offer expired now. I tried this but the recharge failed.