Airtel Launches 2GB Free GPRS Plan


Availability of affordable GPRS plan in India is a big issue. For very limited or no availability of 3G we have to survive on GPRS. Add to it, we are provided with very limited tap like 199MB etc. Now that Android devices are in market which requires constant synchronization with the web, it is difficult to survive on limited or low usage data plan. Airtel, taking this into consideration has launched an awesome 2GB free GPRS plan for its prepaid customers.

Plan Details:

Voucher: Rs.98 easy recharge or DIAL *567*11# to activate GPRS in your Mobile and recharge for Rs 98.
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: you will get 2GB data plan absolutely free for 30 days on a recharge of just Rs.98. You can also do multiple recharge and extend the limit in multiples of 2. The main advantage is you can use this plan on your pc using your phone as a modem.
Circle: Banglore

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  • ravindra

    iwant buy airtel 2g data cable .can you tell me who must fastit there is any network that will better than airtel.

  • Gaurav

    What the hell this callcentre people are sayin that aircel internet and mobile office are same?i cant use mobile office data,when i use MO its sayin packet data not available when i’ve recharge with 98pack 2 dayz ago and not use mobile ofice at all and now they are sayin use airtel internet setings which gives speed max 4 kbps,plzzz explain sombody anybody

  • Satisfactiory service…

  • Sumit Raha

    Hi. My name is sumit and i m using an airtel 2g sim in 3g modem and getting nice speeds but i want to know about any unlimited gprs pack for 1 month. If there is any unlimited packs plz let me know or email me at [email protected]. Plz its urgent…

  • wfffhhhcdfv

    i bought android phone..within hours of purchase i lost 300rs at automated 10p /10 kb net of airtel. i kept silent. i then put 1gb 98 all was ok , i finished 1gb in 3 days tho.i then put 5rs 50 mb free 1 day ,i lose my talktime 0f 599rs!!!!! i cal airtel ,many calls later they say 30 mb free 20 mb cost. i wasnt notified. i surfd within 50 mb only checkin the 123*10 n when it reached 1 mb i deactivated 567. technical swindlers how many complaints i gave no response. how do i stop my currency from deducting after my plan is over? shudnt i get a technical notification tht my plan is over n currency amount is used to surf.?
    when they say 50mb free, it is thr legal duty to inform customers thier money is used ,100rs or 1000rs. i lost a total of 800rs by thr technical malpractise n mishief.dont i hv authority of my money abt where it goes n b notified n when i call custcare ,they dont refund for loss of money . i tuk according plan , y this bullshit. iv been deducted money for other reasons as well ,services i never knowingly subscribed to,lost money ,shudnt i b refunded,they said no,y they shudnt?airtel u wont stick long with money laundering n customer still xpectin a reply frm them.

  • Kavya

    I have a doubt, can anyone answer me? My question is that if I am out of Bangalore, that is, if i recharge my number with Rs.98/- while I am on roaming, then will I get the benefit of it or not? Please answer?


    airtel best network for in the world……………….,