Airtel Launches 2GB Free GPRS Plan


Availability of affordable GPRS plan in India is a big issue. For very limited or no availability of 3G we have to survive on GPRS. Add to it, we are provided with very limited tap like 199MB etc. Now that Android devices are in market which requires constant synchronization with the web, it is difficult to survive on limited or low usage data plan. Airtel, taking this into consideration has launched an awesome 2GB free GPRS plan for its prepaid customers.

Plan Details:

Voucher: Rs.98 easy recharge or DIAL *567*11# to activate GPRS in your Mobile and recharge for Rs 98.
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: you will get 2GB data plan absolutely free for 30 days on a recharge of just Rs.98. You can also do multiple recharge and extend the limit in multiples of 2. The main advantage is you can use this plan on your pc using your phone as a modem.
Circle: Banglore

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Apurva Chaudhary

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  • is this plan is only available in bangalore,,, i am in tamil nadu,,, i am currenly using 17 for 3 days plane

  • JeeT

    is the airtel broadband available at chitrakoot?

  • robin

    can this GPRS be used with the phones bought frm india times shopping or Naap tol product . .because the sets r made in china.if yes then how?

  • rahul

    what the speed of 98rs gprs plan in pc?

    • abhijeet

      Is that sim is working properly in modem. Because I want to connect it my PC with moden device

    • bhagvan

      how to airtel 98 plan free on my pc

    • pranav

      460kbps it open fast as brodband

  • Gaurav Chavda

    I think Airtel should this plan with same validity and same conditions, with 1 GB in recharge of 49 rupees…. and 300 sms free

    airtel should provide this plan..

  • Ya this an superb recharge option for net users..but the speed is too slow…one cant use it if he or she is in urgent!!!

  • manu_ald

    just checked airtel gprs speed on PC, its currently better than voda phone as I am regular internet user and have tried most providers, i think airtel has better connectivity.
    here’s the speed test result

    I am using 3G usb stick from huawei which is connected to PC and
    i am now going to recharge this for Rs.98 and check speed for next few days, if this is better i’ll drop the Voda postpaid connection which i use for backup connectivity.

  • gurdeep

    airtel GPRS service should be enhanced by airtel to the leading speed of other service provider …because it is considered as the best service and coverage provider…..thank you….

  • beram

    It’s better to buy docomo sim and do internet much half the cost of airtel. Shame on you airtel.

  • Shreyas

    i dont think the offer is valid for postpaid-blasted airtel-i am supposedly using the 2gb plan- and i get a msg stating that my usage of 1645 crossed my bill limit of 1300…
    there is NO way that i crossed the limit of 2 gb a month. i used it very, very sparingly, and mostly only to read text on and downloaded maybe 4-5 apps(not more than a total of 50 mb).
    i just disabled the GPRS service. if i want net, i think i will buy a photon plus or something.

    airtel cheats a bit- back when i had a 256 kbps limited connection, they tried to give me a bill of 14000 for 3 months time- i refused to pay. they threatened to go to court and I showed them that my comp had gone for servicing (my amc company had the records to prove it- they shut up after that and simply cut off my connection and did not even come back to collect the phone :-|)

  • Austin

    Is there anyway to recharge 98 Gprs plan online ? I mean subsequently after the first recharge ?

    • pranav

      *567*11# ok

  • Dheeraj

    Docomo gives 2gb for Rs.48
    and better connectivity too..

    • pranav

      brother but airtel give u good network+better brousing speed+dolwd speed.u try it ur own

  • Dheeraj

    Docomo for Rs.48

  • ayush

    2gb browsing free or download free????????

  • sunil

    i have GPRS plan of Rs. 98/- in my mobile of Airtel but when i try to play video in youtube or some sites the error comes subcribe package data??? what is this????????????……………………..

    • pranav

      u use nokia 5233 is the best for u tube.becoz youtube want jawa soft for play online vidio

  • pranav

    east aur west airtel is best. i love u airtel.
    but airtel messenger is not working till 23 feb 2008

  • S K Sharma

    can i use this facility in faridabad, & what wiil be speed of this 98 plan..

  • jake

    Hey Guys!

    I topped up my mobile with booster 195 and booster 36 for calls and msgs respectively. But when i tried browsing the internet. it tells me that i have 2gb worth browsing left!

    Am i lucky or does airetl give this free with any of the above booster packs? or wud i be charged later ??

  • JUKe

    i use airtel 98( GPRS 2GB Free) plan with an iphone. and it uses internet thru EDGE
    will using internet through EDGE come under GPRS?
    or will i be charged seperately?..
    im scared cause my unbilled amount is 5000+..

  • Rajender Singh Sodha

    Airtel 2G is best plan for mobile interner

  • abdul wahid

    app ka jitna tarif ho rahi hai utna jiyada app ka network thik nahi hai. pls apna network rench bada dijiye kyun ki ham logo ko net our bat karne me badi dikkat hoti hai. sir

  • Naveen Verma

    dear sir,
    i have been recharged 98 rs. for internet, but sir i had got 1 GB data. i want to know that the company has changed the plan

  • pintu

    speed is very slow in my area around 10kbs
    i want bigger plan with speed

  • gautam

    Last month recharge the 98 gprs pack but only 1 gb data available .why airtel detuct 1gb data


      generally airtel is always cheating their customers. you may buy bsnl sim plan details Rs.89/= for 30 days with 3GB DATA with excellent speed

  • tushar

    wich speed give this plan