Airtel Launches 2GB Free GPRS Plan


Availability of affordable GPRS plan in India is a big issue. For very limited or no availability of 3G we have to survive on GPRS. Add to it, we are provided with very limited tap like 199MB etc. Now that Android devices are in market which requires constant synchronization with the web, it is difficult to survive on limited or low usage data plan. Airtel, taking this into consideration has launched an awesome 2GB free GPRS plan for its prepaid customers.

Plan Details:

Voucher: Rs.98 easy recharge or DIAL *567*11# to activate GPRS in your Mobile and recharge for Rs 98.
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: you will get 2GB data plan absolutely free for 30 days on a recharge of just Rs.98. You can also do multiple recharge and extend the limit in multiples of 2. The main advantage is you can use this plan on your pc using your phone as a modem.
Circle: Banglore

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83 thoughts on “Airtel Launches 2GB Free GPRS Plan”

    1. 98/- plan is available in all circles but speed is worst and the data transferred also reaching its limit without using it that much and better to by new 3g enabled handset and sim so that we can expect more and more speeds

  1. can u tell me the best plan and service provider in mobile, with downloading options, i use tatadocomo but to download i pay more..

    1. ashoke,i suggest reliance bcoz they produce true download speed around4 to 14.8 kbp/s so don't hasitate to use it but the recharge pack is much costly

      1. i would suggest you to buy 3g usb data card n use bsnl 2g sim card for surfing with 274 plan

        as 3g plans are much expensive and with bsnl 2g you will get around 30 KBps (means 240 kbps).

        just double of reliance and extremely cheap.

  2. This Plan Is good but the original fact is that the download speed is not expected as it is shown on adds,i expect better than that from airtel,while i using utorrent then the download speed came to 0.4 to 0.6…………..plzzzzzzzz solve this problem…………i personaly think that u need a network router………………..

    1. using torrent and getting speed are two different things.

      You may get the same spped if you even use 1MBPS connection.

      It actually depends on the health of the torrent, better the torrent better the speed. but ofcourse not more than the limit of your connection.

  3. i've been using airtel 98 plan since 2months ,it's good but lately i've been noticing that sometimes it comes G which is very slow and E which is good +thesedays i've been charged everytime i connect which never happend before ..why..?help

    1. G means it using GPRS, And E means it is using EDGE

      EDGE have approx 3 times more faster speed………..

      see evolution of internet in context to mobile….


    1. hi Sydney,

      They are actually not charging you.

      check your balance *123#

      than use GPRS when you will disconnect than balance will be the same.

      if problem presists cal me up at +919815757181

  4. hi. I am connecting to IDEA INTERNET to computer

    through computer blue tooth. But when I tried to connect

    AIRTEL INTERNET to computer through bluetooth it is

    saying that PPP error. Can any one reply.

    1. go to control panel
      Phone & Modems
      if it asks for region and area code provide it india and your area pin code
      Normally it asks 1st time
      go to your modems property
      go to advanced tap

      Extra initialization commands ((copy paste line below)
      +CGDCONT=1, “IP”,””

      dude your net will work

    2. Hi first u browse through mobile then u connect phone and pc with data cable that will work still u found the same means u have to call customer care ask for the setting

  5. In Airtel postpaid this 2GB free gprs plan is a crap as when the subscriber uses the data either on mobile or on pc using mobile as a modem, the data transfer is charged as 30 paisa per 50 KB and the CC Executives say that the 2GB free data will be deducted in the bill but as the result of this type of data charging it results in the overall increase in the unbilled amount which ultimately challanges the credit limit and so we have to make interim payments to avoid this.-Airtel dont be so mean to your postpaid customers.

    1. yes u r absolutely right…they are fucking arseholes …they add the amont to your unbilled and when it reaches credit limit they ask for money…fucking arseholes

      1. you both are wrong ,

        check the main accont balance before using and afterusing the internet there will be no difference.

  6. Airtel can't take place of Aircel in connection with Internet Services, Aircel in just 98 gives unlimited download, no extra charge, no limitation.

    Really Aircel is the hero of pocket internet

    I love Aircel 98/- plan as well as 14/- plan

  7. But Aircel works well in Delhi only not in all over india

    I request to Aircel that they have to spread their network to all over India so that everyone can enjoy unlimited internet in just 98

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