Confirmed: Airtel Will Sell iPhone 3GS In India

Good news iPhone fans, the iPhone 3GS is indeed coming to India. Bharati Airtel, which recently submitted its bid in the 3G-spectrum auction, has confirmed that it will be bringing the latest iPhone to India in the coming months.


It is a real shame that Indian users have had to wait so long for the latest and the greatest iPhone. Mobile telephony is exploding in India but the infrastructure is still below par in most of the country. Forget about internet connectivity, most service providers are struggling to ensure decent call quality. Now, while the rest of the world is preparing to adopt 4G, India is gearing up to welcome 3G.

Airtel did not provide any time frame for the introduction of iPhone in India. However, if it doesn’t hurry, the iPhone 3GS will become outdated even before launch. Moreover, the lack of exclusive license also implies that they may be facing competition from the likes of Vodafone, Reliance and Aircel.

In spite of being widely acclaimed and selling like hot cakes in the US, the iPhone has failed to have any major impact in India. Outrageous pricing by the distributors pretty much ensured that the iPhone was out of reach for a significant percentage of the youth. Let us hope that the carriers will be more sensible this time around.

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