Aircel Launches Facebook Updates On SMS For 50 Paise

Social Networking on sites like and has taken off in a huge way in the Indian market, with dedicated phones for social networking and tight integration with them through several apps like Nimbuzz and more.

Aircel Facebook on SMS

However, the smartphone penetration in India is not that high and several users still have phones which do not have web browsing capabilities or the capability to use apps. To tackle the issue, Aircel has now launched a new social networking service using which users can send and receive Facebook updates through SMS on a new short number 51555.

Aircel Facebook on SMS service will allow users to view and post updates, comments, likes, pokes and more with a simple SMS. Each SMS sent to the short number 51555 will be charged 50 paise.

In order to activate and use the service with your Facebook account, follow the steps given below:

  • Sign in on Facebook and access your ‘Account Settings’
  • Under the ‘Mobile’ tab, select ‘Register for Facebook Text Messages’
  • Select ‘Aircel India’ as your mobile provider and send ‘f’ to 51555 via SMS to confirm your number (SMS charges at 50 paisa)
  • Enter the confirmation code received via SMS, and You’re done!

More information on the service can be found at the official Aircel for Facebook SMS page.


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