3G Auction Delayed Yet Again

It’s time that we should really stop hoping for 3G auction to be ever held in this fiscal at least. Thanks to the yet unsolved rift’ between the Defence Ministry and DoT, 3G auction might not be held during this fiscal. Department of Telecommunication (DoT) had promised that they would not further delay the 3G auction but promises are made to be broken and DoT takes it very seriously.

DoT approached the Defence Ministry to review the new 3G policies and the deal is just stuck there ever since. The difference between the defence ministry and DoT occur in not one, not two but as much as three issues regarding number of blocks to auction, the band allotted to BSNL and MTNL and the speed of the project to set up an alternate cable network for the Defence forces.

The DoT has sufficient airwaves to sell two 3G slots while the defence ministry has enough for two more. But the defence ministry has said it cannot vacate the airwaves until an optical fibre cable network is built to connect key defence locations and this would certainly take some time. These differences doesn’t look like would be solved quickly and might push the 3G auction to August-September, which is definitely not this fiscal as promised by DoT.

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  • Maybe we should just forget about 3G in India.