10 Million Samsung Galaxy Devices Sold In India

It all started with the Galaxy S! Back in 2010, Samsung decided to group all the Android smartphones under the Galaxy brand and Bada smartphones under the Wave brand. The first smartphone in the Galaxy family to reach India was none other than the original Galaxy S.

This handset went on to become the largest selling smartphone in the history of Android. Later next year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S II which broke the previous record in just few months of its launch. This record was once again broken this year by yet another Galaxy smartphone. No prizes for guessing the answer.

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note and created a new category of phone/tablet hybrid device. Today, almost all of the major Mobile phone manufacturers has already launched their own phablet or in the process of unveiling it next month at the CES 2012. Sadly, none of them managed to compete with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II.

galaxy s 3

Samsung has not only launched hi-end smartphones and phablets under the Galaxy brand, but also launched the entry-level Android smartphones such as Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace and so on. These handsets were specially target at the youngster as well as for those who do not want to burn their pockets for the Android experience.

As expected, Samsung recently announced that the company managed to sell 10 million units of Galaxy devices in India right from the beginning till date. This number includes Galaxy smartphones as well as tablets. The Galaxy brand not only changed the fortunes of the company, but also took the Korean mobile phone maker to the top spot in less than 3 years.

Asim Warsi, Samsung VP (Mobile), said,
“Innovative devices like the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Y have caught the imagination of customers and helped us democratise the smartphone experience in the Indian market. Through our series of consistent smartphone launches, Samsung has fuelled the growth of the smartphone market in India and has been a category leader since last year. Samsung’s portfolio of 13 Galaxy devices in the Indian market are priced between Rs. 6,790 to Rs. 39,990.”

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