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Yahoo Holds Its Sixth Hackathon in India

Over the weekend, Yahoo! India hosted the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack (21st worldwide) in Hyderabad to celebrate “unrestrained innovation”. The 24 hour hackathon attracted two hundred and fifty participants including students as well as professionals, and received fifty six hack submissions. About 8% of attendants at the event were woman, which is a percentage point higher than last year’s event at Bangalore.


While Yahoo! Hack didn’t have the scale of Microsoft AppFest that was organized in Bangalore, it still managed to get quite a few decent hacks. The grand prize winner was a mobile app called PlanMan!, which enabled Workflow Management through SMS and Missed calls. It was developed by Varun Kumar Nagarajan, Arun Kumar Nagarajan, Raghu Ram, and Amit Bharti. Other prize winners included an app that could use the smartphone’s accelerometer to automatically detect car accidents and alert emergency services, a travel app that could fetch info about real-time info about a train from a PNR number, an iOS app which offers users basic information about the city they are visiting like weather forecast, public transport, city hospitals, hotels and restaurants, Facebook friends who live in the city, and a finance app that claimed to use artificial intelligence to predict stock values.


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