Wipro Launches Portal For Testing As A Service (TaaS)

Testing services have been bringing a good amount of revenue for Wipro. During 2009-10, Testing services alone accounted for   12% of Wipro’s IT services revenues. In order to tap more out of the available potential on the IT testing sector, Wipro has launched a portal for Testing as a Service (TaaS)   which will mainly cater to start-ups and small, medium businesses. With the launch of this service, Wipro feels that many new companies may now come under the Wipro fold.

The portal has 5 different services as of now and this will be increased to include 20 more services and other Wipro services by the end of this month. It has taken Wipro more than 10 months to launch this service. However, companies like Patni, HP, Cloud9 & uTest are already offering TaaS but they stick to only one TaaS offering (for e.g. cloud testing). Wipro’s TaaS service is different and covers a lot of avenues which others don’t.

Mr Gangadharaiah, SVP of Testing Services at Wipro   feels that the   TaaS portal   helps both Wipro’s   and it’s client’s employees   to share information in a better way. He also said that coaching 700 new people is a big job   and the new portal will assist in that by making all information related to Testing right at one place.

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