Why I Don’t Like to Deal With Proto?

Well, a bit off topic, I am a guy who actually realizes and asks others to appreciate something which is created by an individual, forget about an enterprise, so you might have understood already that my views here are particularly not biased towards anyone or any organization.

Let met talk about Proto, an event which showcases Indian startups, but does not care about people who promote them. It is definitely not the first time I have been going after them, but honestly, I don’t even feel like dealing with them, leave aside writing about them.

However, when they were starting up, so were we, and I did try to promote them and like them failed at it. Yes, we were not as famous as we were back then, but they asked me to promote them and I did the job for them without even asking a single penny. Last year they forget about us? Why because we were not able to promote them when they were growing?

This year, we are big, so I get three different emails from 3 different people from Proto to promote their event. Like heck, I am doing it with this post, but I am not certainly not saying you attend their event, they will probably forget about you once they are a bit more famous.

I hope to stay one step ahead of them so that they contact me every year and I can entertain them and decline them.

Have fun at Proto, if you can.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Keith,

    So there is this common misconception that Proto ignored everyone right? Let me give you the inside scoop.

    Proto is run by volunteers. And the saddest thing was that the guy who used to manage the relationships with the bloggers left to the US for his masters program and then that role kinda got ignored for a while. I saw some other blog post a few weeks/months back and it seems that was part of the same ordeal as well.

    The good thing about proto.in – or atleast i hope – is that most people are fairly reachable. Though I dont run proto.in anymore, I still do get enough emails about the event and I do forward it to the right folks and get it done.

    If anything mate, this is not the time to be playing who is bigger. If its for a cause – which is the startups – doesnt it make sense to work together?

    So without an agenda, here's a hand – in case you want to work together, would be happy to get you in touch with the folks and see how "we" can get indian startups some help that they direly need. We arent there yet- as a community and as an ecosystem. Lets not break into fragments already. Just a plea, as a friend.


    Founder, Proto.in