Vaseline Launches Facebook App to Make You Appear Fairer

Vaseline-Men Vaseline, a popular cosmetics brand owned by Unilever, has launched a new Facebook app that will retouch your photographs in order to make you appear fairer. The app is mainly targeted at Indians and is promoting a new cosmetic product for men from Vaseline.

Indian’s are well known for their despicable obsession with fairness. The sad reality is that not being fair is still considered to be a disadvantage by most sections of the population. In such an environment, it’s not surprising that fairness creams and lotions continue to sell like hot cakes.

The Vaseline Men page also includes several fashion tips for men, with new ones being added regularly. Pankaj Pariha, the man behind the campaign, claims that the response to the entire Vaseline Men campaign “has been pretty phenomenal”. The application currently has close to 9,000 active users.

Origin of Skin Colour

It is probably unfair to pick on Vaseline alone. It’s not doing anything or suggesting anything that hasn’t been done or said before. Television advertisements for similar products from competitors are still getting away with suggesting that having a fair skin complexion is essential for getting jobs or getting married. The real problem is a lot more than skin deep. The real problem lies within the society itself. And until we change our attitudes, blaming a commercial company tending to the demands of the market won’t get us far.

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  • Mystere Ebouldegom

    Show some balls, or quit reviewing products.

    "It is probably unfair to pick on Vaseline alone. It’s not doing anything or suggesting anything that hasn’t been done or said before."

    Are you afraid of a lawsuit by Unilever (owner of the Vaseline brand)?

    Sorry, but this looks like advertisement in disguise.

    • Once again, my point was that while what Vaseline did was despicable, it's not something uncommon. Whether it's Fair and lovely or Fair and Handsome or something else, all of them sell the same despicable idea that having a fair complexion is essential to succeed in life. Vaseline isn't doing something new.

      Sure, they deserve all the flack they are getting, but there is a larger problem here. And the problem lies with the society. As long us the society at large continues to value skin complexion, things like these will continue.

      Irrespective of the criticism, these brands will continue selling these stupid products and derogatory campaigns, because they work!

  • None

    What I find even more despicable is the fact that people with very light skin can be openly harassed in all forms of media and told that they must get a tan and change their skin color, but when a person with tan skin goes lighter or products are offered which allow you to have lighter skin then it is some sort of horrible tragedy.

    People are ignorant hypocrites.