The State Of “Indian Shoppers & The Web” – Microsoft Study

Microsoft Advertising & Aegis Media recently conducted a study about how Indians are using the web to supplement their shopping decisions – both on the web and at shops nearby. The study clearly reveals that it is no longer enough to capture consumers only by traditional advertising and companies should start looking at online brand building to sustain their growth.

The study is a part of a global initiative that polled 19,000 shoppers across 17 world markets and considered both in-store and online shoppers in sectors like groceries, apparel, home electronics and fast food.

Here are some key findings from the study:

  • 75 per cent of Indian shoppers use online services to compare prices at local stores and also use the web to find out good restaurants nearby.
  • 66 per cent of shoppers in India use the internet to locate products and brands nearby.
  • 39 per cent of Indian shoppers look for promotions and discounts, deals for their favorite brands while browsing the Internet.
  • Coming to e-commerce, 50 per cent of the Indian shoppers actually make online purchases using their computers.
  • Coming to mobile e-commerce, 31 per cent Indian shoppers make purchases using mobile phones.

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