TeachNext : An Educational Set-Top-Box from India

TeachNext is a Set-Top-Box solution focusing on the Indian Education sector. It is an end-to-end solution providing the complete package right from a STB, it’s remote and state-of-the-art software and content comprising of the most updated syllabus.

TeachNext STB and RemoteThe TeachNext STB is a custom-built STB with capabilities of delivering content to either the Projector or a LCD television. The software contains chapter-wise “Lesson Plans” created by experienced teachers and educationalists. Apart from adhering to India’s CBSE board syllabus, the content follows the NCERT guidelines. The courses are so designed as to cater for Teacher-led classrooms as well as for self-learning.

Some other features of this unique solution are :

  • 2D & 3D Audio-Visual lessons for K12
  • An evaluation system that covers all aspects of a student’s development.
  • An innovative tools called “NextStudio” which comes with an image library of   over 13000 images.
  • Content partnerships with various international content developers to provide quality e-learning experience.
  • Question Paper software for frequent student evaluations.

To get a taste of TeachNext’s software, head to their demo page and watch the demos various subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry , Math, etc.

TeachNext is not just a startup product. TeachNext has started advertising on mainstream Indian television channels during prime-time programs.Watch some of their Ads here.

TeachNext STB Remote TV

They already have a list of schools who are using their product in their classrooms. In fact, they claim to have more than 1000 clients already. If the likes of Panbai International School, one of the premier schools in Mumbai, India , have already embraced this solution, one can image that other International schools may have followed the trend.

Is this the future of education ? Will digitizing the classroom boost productivity while retaining the short attention spans and providing valuable education, all at the same time ?