Hacked By International Hacker

The website which belongs to India’s largest software vendor, Tata Consultancy Services, was hacked today by a French hacker. This hack will definitely lead to total embarrassment for the software firm who thrives on creating software and security systems day in and day out.

If you visit right now you will be greeted with a screen which looks similar to the screenshot below.


However, TCS is not the only high profile site to be hacked, in recent times the Orkut Brazil blog was hacked along with the high profile TechCrunch being hacked as well. Just goes on to show that hackers could easily get into your system if you do not use secured software.

As a word of advice, I would like to ask users to keep their web software up-to-date, no matter if it is a pain to do, because you could be the next in line to get hacked for using software which has vulnerabilities.

Update: The hack looks like a DNS job and not a web software hack. was also recently hacked using a DNS loophole.

Update: The hacker may not be from France, however, the language used by the hacker is French. I have updated the post to reflect the same.

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  • This is crazy ; targeting comapinies sell dns

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  • XXXX

    Its all bulshit. Nobody can hack TCS website.

    • Such big talk!! every site on the internet is vulnerable to being hacked.

      They a website can ensure that nobody can ever hack them is by taking it off the internet ;)

  • Alok

    Its not the that is being hacked rather DNS server that you are using,like google dns ..change the dns server to

    that of opendns . or

    and it will open fine

    • As you know the TCS has its own nameservers and if you really think the DNS hijack only specific to some nameservers where a few people like Keith or some one else was sitting then you got it wrong. The name server that you have doesn't point to the original web server address rather to TCS's DNS address. Have a look at here. Nslookup redirected me to another server which was not original web-server, plus the outage was widespread not specific to a name server. So read before you comment.

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  • ihdu

    the web site name is a pun … does not understand the difference between dns loophole and web-site being hacked.

  • Rashmi

    ohhaaaaa i don't see nay thing wt ever is discus above ..:(

    hav look

  • Pravin Pillai

    Keith , your website is giving All wrong News about tcs being HAcked .plz remove this page asap

  • Baiju

    Nobody can Hack TCS website. Its the DNS server being hacked (which is not managed by TCS) and redirected to different site.

    • While it is most probably a DNS Hijack not a hack of the TCS server, the harm is already done.
      When someone opens the TCS site and sees those "For Sale" signs, they will not say "Ohhhh..TCS DNS has been hijacked". Rather they will be say that TCS is hacked.

      • lol nice one …

        • Arun Jose

          Anyone who plans to be customer of TCS will have the basic understanding of what a DNS is and what the difference between changing a dns entry and hacking a site is. Its not exactly rocket science.

  • Please check out the news at The Washington Post here and please think before you comment. There has to be some validity before any responsible author publishes a post.

    • Also see the 2nd TrackBack down below and then look for the source code of the website. I hope the idea of wide-spread outage of is clear.

  • before you use words like "embarrassment for the software firm" you might want to consider embarassment for yourself.

    [Disclaimer: I'm a TCS employee, but am writing this in my personal capacity].

    First, learn to distinguish between "website hacked" and "DNS hijack". Hint: what we have here is the latter :)

    Second, don't use hackneyed phrases like "Just goes on to show that hackers could easily get into your system if you do not use secured software.". You should be ashamed of yourself/lose all geek privileges/lose any rights to a domain name containing the word "tech" for that pieces of techno-purple prose.… (and the first comment) has more details if you want to love up to the first 4 magic letters in your domain name.

    • @Sitaram – Thanks for the update, I am glad you took the liberty to call us what you did. We are here for you continue reading us and have fun, we stand by what we wrote. Also if you read the post thoroughly you would have also seen a update which said it was a DNS issue.

      I hope you took the same liberty and told Washington Post, Tech Crunch, The Register from UK about the same things.

      • I just submitted a comment to El Reg; fortunately, the general tone and tenor of El Reg allows me a but more license for biting sarcasm ;-)

        But to be fair they *started* by saying it's a DNS hack.

        And they didn't launch into homilies which have no bearing on this specific problem either ;-)


    • Nobody said that TCS web server Hacked :P
      Yes the website is hacked.
      It may be a DNS hijack.
      Website is a combination of Web server and Name Server.

      Technically speaking ….

    • Chill out everyone. The original is back again. :)

  • We have been trying to trace the hacker and determined that he/she is from Algeria.
    Read more here.

  • Anonymous

    dare anybody say anything about TCS…
    its the best company in the entire world, with the best professionals.. the site was not hacked , it was just DNS re-routing..
    don't question the capabilities of TCS employees…
    and also we get 20-25% discount in dominoz and pizza hut…………. tan tan tana ne..oh pizza aaye free…

    • tell that to the hacker

      • it was not a hack my friend, look everyone has already talked and agreed about that.

        If some one changes address of your house with the local post office it wont mean some one has broke into your just means someone has broken into the post office.. :-)

        • Apparently i would like to tell you that whatever happens if address changed or not changed.. hack done or not .. whatever.. if i type and reach some other page .. its a hack!! and for me
 was hacked.. i don't care about means and methods……..

          • At some level I can understand the reluctance to think about the technology issues behind an event and go simply with what you see in front of you.

            Conversely, if the site looks as you expect, you probably conclude everything is fine too, I guess?


        • TCSer

          The Best Comment :D

  • Ashish

    this is no problem for tcs, we are going to be number one we have new deal with big japnese companys sony and with us company GM


    send me newz