Sachin’s 200 Runs Video Against South Africa on YouTube

Today’s match between India and South Africa will go down into history books for several reasons, however, one of the most import reasons is Sachin Tendulkar creating a new record for the highest runs scored in One Day cricket and becoming the first cricketer to score 200 runs in the shorter format.

If you missed the amazing moment of history, there is a highlight video of Sachin reaching the 200 run milestone on . So if you missed the moment, catch it up in the video embedded below.

Congrats to Sachin on the milestone, you made us proud today.

17 thoughts on “Sachin’s 200 Runs Video Against South Africa on YouTube”

  1. What an innings! Although my loyalties lie with the losing side I am an ardent cricket lover and to watch a legend such as Sachin score the first double century in ODI's against my team was still an awesome experience! :-0

  2. it was a big blast by master blaster in gwaliar again he proved that he is a real hero and god of cricket and nothing is impossible for him in cricket world. i m realy proud to him and i wish that he will play more and more cricket

  3. what an inning was that. no one can be like him. he is god of one can go closer to him.he is god gifted.he is god for me.

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