Reliance Acquires 50% Stake In UK’s Codemasters to Boost Zapak

Reliance is looking to make a big mark in the gaming industry as they have acquired UK based game developers Codemasters to be park of their gaming division Zapak. Codemasters which is one of the oldest British game developers have been seeing yearly revenues of $150 million, so this deal might have been a costly affair for Reliance.

Zapak Codemasters Reliance

With the 50% stake in Codemasters, Reliance gaming now puts a big foot forward in the International gaming arena. Zapak provides India users with an option to play some really nice oline games, including the popular sport in India, cricket.

On the other hand Codemasters are more into making games for consoles and PC including for the PS3, XBOX 360 and more. The marriage of Zapak and Codemasters would lead to Reliance releasing more affordable desktop games in the Indian market, which has a growing community of console gamers.

The financial details of the deal was not available, however, it could very well be much higher than half a million dollars.

2 thoughts on “Reliance Acquires 50% Stake In UK’s Codemasters to Boost Zapak”

  1. Well, that sure is a decisive stake. The fact that big players like Reliance are not afraid to experiment in the Indian market, will portray it in better light.

  2. Zapak is already a biggest gaming zone. But joining with codemasters will surely lead zapak in the top of the world. Zapak is not yet in competition with the mincilip. I really love miniclip, but now i will love zapak.

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