Quickheal To Build India-wide Database For Stolen Laptops

Quick Heal has launched a web portal – www.trackmylaptop.net   that will help users to find the location of their lost or stolen laptops. You may be wondering that how does this service work. Well, this service totally relies on the Internet. The research team at Symantec believes that majority of the lost or stolen laptops would be, at least once, connected to the Internet and the chances for this is very high according to Symantec.

All that an user who has lost a laptop needs to do is register with www.trackmylaptop.net and key in the physical address number (MAC) of the laptop. Some laptop vendors generally mention this number on the bill but not all do this. Users can also obtain MAC address of their laptops by other methods store it in a safe place. So, whenever a stolen or lost laptop is connected to the Internet, it’s IP address along with the location can be traced using the physical address number. However, users of Quick Heal anti-virus need not worry as the MAC Ids and other details would be automatically picked up.

The company then plans to build an extensive database of stolen or lost laptops in India using the data from www.trackmylaptop.net and provide the cyber police of different States separate login accounts so that they can access the database for the missing computers.

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