Buy IPL 2010 Final, Semi-Final and 3rd Place Tickets Online

The IPL frenzy is heading to the closing stages and looking at the points table it is difficult to judge which 4 teams will make it to the Semi-finals or finals. However, if you want to final matches irrespective of which team makes it to the semis and finals you can start booking the tickets online.

IPL 2010 Final Tickets

Ticket Genie has the finals, semi-finals and 3rd place tickets put up for sale online. The IPL 2010 3rd place and IPL 2010 final match will be played at DY Patil Stadium – Navi Mumbai on April 24th and 25th respectively, whereas the Semi-finals will be played at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore on April 21st and 22nd respectively.

The tickets prices for the Final and 3rd place are affordable and range between Rs. 400 and Rs. 5000, whereas the cheapest ticket for the semi-finals is Rs 500 going up-to Rs 15,000. The tickets can be purchased by visiting and clicking on the tickets link or directly visiting this Ticket Genie link.

Make sure to click the By Date tab and select the dates for the semi-final, final or 3rd place to view the options to purchase the tickets.

6 thoughts on “Buy IPL 2010 Final, Semi-Final and 3rd Place Tickets Online”

  1. I just bought the tickets for Semi-Final from Ticketgenie, make sure you choose print at home option, instead of chossing by courier. For the league matches, I never got my tickets by courier.
    The prices went up considerably vs the league matches, however for semi-final's it's worth the extra bucks. In my view North stand @2K is the best value for money.
    Not sure why the A & B stand ticekts are not available at ticektgenie..!!

  2. Tickets for the final match at D.Y.Patil Stadium have been released for sale at Ticketgenie.But why the hell only the tickets ranging Rs.5000 have been displayed for sale?Where are the 500,1000rs tickets?Why arent they for sale?

    1. @Harshal – Looks like the other tickets might have been sold out, when I purchased the tickets all the stands were available. Considering how huge the event is the tickets might have sold out pretty early

  3. hi,

    i cant even see the drop down for stands and other details for booking the finals ticket.

    Are they sold out so early ???

    is there any other way of getting the tickets if they are not available online ??

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