Pune & Bangalore Added To Google Maps Bus Transit Info.

Google Maps has really made it easy for people who are new in a city to find out places and how to reach at their destinations. Google Maps already had transit info for Chennai, Delhi & Kolkata metro. Now two more cities – Pune & Bangalore have been added to that list.

Commuters can now find out bus routes and timings for all Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Big 10 buses that play across the Bangalore city on the Google Maps application both on desktop and mobile platforms. This service is very easy to use and helps commuters find their way around Bangalore using buses easily. Shown below is the Google Maps route from  Airport to JP Nagar via a Bus:

In addition to Bangalore, Google has also added Pune’s city bus service information to Google Maps making it the fifth Indian city to have bus transit and route information on Google Maps app for both mobile and desktop. Commuters in Pune can now easily find out bus schedules and routes for over 300 Pune Municipal corporation buses via Google Maps.

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