Play “Angry Anna” to Fight Against Corruption

Inspired by the insanely popular and one of the most addictive  games of all time, Angry Birds, a bunch of geeks from a Noida-based company called Geek Mentors Studio, have designed a game called Angry Anna, which encourages online users to Play to support Anna Hazarein his battle against corruption in India.

Just after the launch of the game earlier this week, it was already hit by massive fan followers, bringing over 50,000 hits to the home page and thousands of Twitter and Facebook posts. The game has been played more than 270,000 times since its launch.

Angry Anna Game

Anna’s rallies and protests are going on nationwide, but many who support the cause can’t go out on the streets to participate. So the idea was that people play the game as a support to the noble movement of Mr. Hazare,said Mohammed Shah Nawaz, one of the game’s developers.

Mohammed Faisal, a 3D animation expert and co-founder of the game stated that they were concerned about reactions from the politicians; however he said that, no one has complained anything against the game or the company yet.

Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption to wipe out all the corrupt politicians including the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, preventing them from stealing the Indian money, and get back the black money hidden in Swiss bank accounts.

In the game, the politicians are surrounded by money bags, and Anna’s target it to destroy the politicians. Once they are all destroyed, the bags returns to Team Anna’s side and the player can move on to the next level. The game has four levels, and has replaced the Angry Birds with animated pictures of Anna Hazare, Ramdev and several others who are a part of Anna’s team.

This Angry Anna game is a browser based game, and can be played online here:

Click the play button to play the game.

The sound effects are quite funny, and you can find it similar to the Angry Birds’ sound effects. Although the game experience isn’t as good as Angry Birds, the idea is quite innovative and a perfect way to support Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement.

How I wish Anna Hazare could wash away these filthy politicians with just a mouse click!

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