Makar Sankranti Google Doodle

Makar Sankranti is a very big festival in India celebrated by people from multiple cultural backgrounds. It is also known as the festival of Kites. To celebrate the festival Google has created a new .

Makar Sankranthi Doodle 2011

The Makar Sankranti Google Doodle is pretty good and is better than the Makar Sankranti Doodle from last year. You can view the Doodle at

We also want to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy Makar Sankranti. So are you planning to fly kites this year?

Online Ticket Booking Service Launches with the Blessing of Bollywood

Ticket-Please Indian film star Ajay Devgn has launched TicketPlease, a new online ticket booking service that will allow consumers to book tickets for films, plays, concerts and sporting events from the comfort of their couch. The service, which is being run by Jimmy Mistry, also has the backing of eminent Bollywood personalities like Sanjay Dutt, Nitin Manmohan, Vatsal Seth, Ramakant Tibrewal, Vijay Jain and Amit Sharma.

Besides offering tickets, the website will feature reviews, news and discussion forums. TicketPlease is hoping to directly connect fans with celebrities through celeb blogs and interviews. An online store with DVDs, books and games is also planned.

“I am delighted to bring to the audience a website where they can read authentic news about their favorite stars and much-awaited films. Being a part of the website, I will be taking keen interest in it. I will also be blogging for and interacting with my fans”, said Ajay Devgn at the launch event.

CAT Results 2011 To Be Declared On January 12, 2011

Update: Check on how you can check CAT 2011 Results.

The Common Entrance Test exams held in 2010 will be made available to students on January 12, 2011. The results will be available online at the official CAT website.

The CAT exam which is held by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) will be declared on January 12, 2011 according to reports. CAT 2010 results had previously leaked on the internet but were quickly removed from the website.

If you are a student who had appeared for the CAT exams in 2010 and are awaiting results, you should check the official CAT website at for the results.

We will keep you updated when the results go live. Raises $5M, Groupon Acquires

Looks like Internet startups are booming in India. We have two very positive news pieces today which definitely point to the fact that Indian Internet startups are not to be left behind – and is an online marketplace for used vehicles founded by Vinay Sanghi, former chief executive of Mahindra First Choice. The company (Motorexchange) just raised it’s second round of funding of $5 Million. They plan to use this capital to scale up in terms of expanding its workforce and increasing direct to consumer services. The Startup is just a year old and has been doing very good as this huge amount of funding speaks for itself.

According to Gaurav Saraf of Epiphany Ventures: is an extremely well-capitalised company and we see huge opportunity in the auto space with the Indian used vehicle market estimated to double from current levels to $40 billion in the next five years.

This was online motor vehicle exchange. Now coming to the online group buying space in India, the competition here is getting cut-throat day by day. We have now been hearing that US-based ( the big daddy of all group deal buying websites ) has acquired Kolkata-based daily deal site and the website will soon pave it’s way to becoming Groupon India. has been founded by ex-Google employees Ananya Bubna & Udayan Bubna.

India Is Now The Largest Mobile Ad Market In The APAC Region

There is no doubt that the Mobile revolution in India has come at a faster pace than the desktop / laptop revolution. Mobile devices are cheaper and thanks to the low cost mobile internet plans from operators, Mobile phones are becoming the next hot market in the Indian scenario. Research firm InMobi’s network research data shows that the volume of mobile advertisement impressions in India has grown by 22% in just three months.

Here are the important findings worth noting from the research findings:

  • The Indian mobile ad market has grown by over 1 billion impressions (+22%) in less than 3 months, making India the largest mobile ad market in the Asia Pacific region.
  • It will take a long time before smartphones land into the hands of many! The research shows that smartphones   are still nascent in the market as almost 88% of all mobile ad impressions are served only on advanced phones.
  • Nokia still leads the device race in Indian mobile market with 12 of the 15 mostly used mobile devices being manufactured by Nokia.
  • Android & iPhone OS form only a meagre .4% share of the mobile market in India.

According to James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing at InMobi:

The Indian mobile advertising market continues to show rapid growth due to the improving ad ecosystem. Major publishers are bringing their media into the mobile channel while brands are simultaneously discovering the power of mobile advertising. This healthy ecosystem along with 3G network infrastructure improvements will position India as one of the most influential mobile markets on the globe.

Payoneer Services Blocked in India–Freelancers Furious

Payoneer is an international service that allows employers to pay their employees (subcontractors or freelancers) online. Though this payment option is quite similar to PayPal, the crux of the matter is that Payoneer sends a MasterCard to the employee through which they can directly withdraw money via an ATM or swipe it at a store. With the recent bout of problems that contractors in India had with PayPal, many switched over to their existing Payoneer cards (or made new accounts) for their pay.


Sadly, the RBI is at it once again and has blocked the Payoneer MasterCard POS (swipe payment) throughout India, and will soon be blocking ATM withdrawals as well. However, the folks at Payoneer maintain that it is a temporary block and it will be reversed in the future by the Indian authorities. In other words, if you have money in your Payoneer account, there is no fear of losing it in the future.

If you are in need of the money in your Payoneer MasterCard, you can try these steps to retrieve it.

ATM Withdrawal: The ATM withdrawals have apparently not been blocked yet, so you might want to try out the nearest ATM and withdraw all the money. Since Payoneer does not charge any money for the upkeep of the card if the balance is empty, you can flush out your entire savings at one go. Important caveat: since the ATM services might also be blocked, do not use an ATM that takes your card in (or eatsit). You might not get your card back!

Payment Reversal: You can contact Payoneer and reverse your transactions back at the originating site (such as oDesk or Elance or iStockPhoto). From there you can use the many types of different withdrawal methods to get your money back.

That being said, it is extremely sad that the RBI is creating problems after problems against Indian freelancers. For some people freelancing is their main source of livelihood and blocking the payment gateways hurts them all.

Quickheal To Build India-wide Database For Stolen Laptops

Quick Heal has launched a web portal –   that will help users to find the location of their lost or stolen laptops. You may be wondering that how does this service work. Well, this service totally relies on the Internet. The research team at Symantec believes that majority of the lost or stolen laptops would be, at least once, connected to the Internet and the chances for this is very high according to Symantec.

All that an user who has lost a laptop needs to do is register with and key in the physical address number (MAC) of the laptop. Some laptop vendors generally mention this number on the bill but not all do this. Users can also obtain MAC address of their laptops by other methods store it in a safe place. So, whenever a stolen or lost laptop is connected to the Internet, it’s IP address along with the location can be traced using the physical address number. However, users of Quick Heal anti-virus need not worry as the MAC Ids and other details would be automatically picked up.

The company then plans to build an extensive database of stolen or lost laptops in India using the data from and provide the cyber police of different States separate login accounts so that they can access the database for the missing computers.

Stuxnet Worm May Be Quietly Making Way Into India

Almost a couple of weeks back we told you about the possibility of Iran being infected by the Stuxnet worm after Iran’s  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad acknowledged that the Stuxnet worm could actually penetrate Iran’s nuclear facility. Well, now it looks like India is under threat from the Stuxnet worm. Internet Security Giant, Symantec has said that this Windows-specific computer worm – Stuxnet has already affected more than 10,000 Indian systems, across power units and petrochemical plants.

The actual threat to India is in the fact that the country is surrounded by hostile neighbours and tomorrow’s terror attacks could be through Stuxnet. India currently holds the third position after Iran and Indonesia among other countries which are severely affected by this computer Worm.

Shantanu Ghosh – vice-president of product operations at Symantec India has said that the Stuxnet-infected machines contact servers in Malaysia and Denmark. However he did not reveal the names of the Indian installations affected by the Stuxnet worm, in public. Symantec’s latest 2010 Critical Infrastructure Protection survey reports that almost 57% of   the companies in India are either not aware of such worms or do not have protection against the infestation of these computer worms.

Pune & Bangalore Added To Google Maps Bus Transit Info.

Google Maps has really made it easy for people who are new in a city to find out places and how to reach at their destinations. Google Maps already had transit info for Chennai, Delhi & Kolkata metro. Now two more cities – Pune & Bangalore have been added to that list.

Commuters can now find out bus routes and timings for all Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Big 10 buses that play across the Bangalore city on the Google Maps application both on desktop and mobile platforms. This service is very easy to use and helps commuters find their way around Bangalore using buses easily. Shown below is the Google Maps route from  Airport to JP Nagar via a Bus:

In addition to Bangalore, Google has also added Pune’s city bus service information to Google Maps making it the fifth Indian city to have bus transit and route information on Google Maps app for both mobile and desktop. Commuters in Pune can now easily find out bus schedules and routes for over 300 Pune Municipal corporation buses via Google Maps.

CAT 2010 Results Leaked On Website; Prometric Issues Statement

Looks like the results of CAT 2010, one of the world’s most competitive exams that lead to the admission in to the Indian Institutes of Management, have been leaked.   The results were supposed to be declared on Jan 12, 2011. Initially these were supposed to be rumours, but not after a MBA related website published the leak on their website.

And, now even Twitter is buzz with the leak of the CAT results. At the time of writing this, the official website of CAT – was still unavailable. However the leaked results page is still visible in Google cache. Prometric, the agency that is responsible for conducting CAT exam has issued a statement saying that it has been investigating reports that IIM’s CAT web site has been displaying warning messages on certain browsers. A malware was discovered and removed

They also said that if users are unable to access the official website – then they could visit the alternative website at The agency has also confirmed that candidate information on the website is protected with enterprise-class security and is completely segregated from the website.

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