India’s Internet Control Laws: As Vague As It Gets

Pssst: don’t tell anyone. Sneaking this post in before Techie Buzz gets blocked for posting articles that threaten the unity or integrity of the country, and before my free speech right is taken away because I have been blasphemous in a secular country. Yes, I will be clapped in irons because one of my posts deals grossly harmfuldamage on some entity of the Indian nation like calling him enna rascilla!and I will be put to trial for reading Wikileaks because that threatens friendly relations with foreign states. These are the kinds of clauses in the new Internet Control Laws which might soon become Internet Control Acts. You can download the original PDF of the Law here.


As MediaNama reports with righteous anger, it appears that these laws have been made specifically to curb free speech, instead of aiding and abetting free speech. It seems that in this country, free speech is a curse that must be lifted bit-by-bit by the bureaucracy in order to make life easier for them since once the Laws (especially this one) are turned to Acts, there is very little chance of recourse. It also seems that whenever the lawmakers make these laws, they make sure it is so ambiguous that everything can be turned against the alleged perpetrators.

While the number of IT crimes are on a rise these days and unethical cracking is a menace, curbing the free speech rights and making ambiguous laws against such crimes is definitely not the answer. For what it’s worth, I believe the MPs need to use the internet and see the differences between the knowledge part of the internet with its free and unadulterated sharing of free knowledge and very easily accessible, and the seedier parts of the internet which are accessible only to those with an already criminal intent, and make their laws according to their observations.

That, or a huge proportion of us internet-using Indians need to stand for elections next year.

Why You Should Buy the Samsung Galaxy S 2

If you are planning to buy a new high-end smartphone, there are only two OS options you should be considering – iOS and Android.

iOS is probably the better option in terms of apps, games and usability, but Android clearly offers much more choice. Android can be modified to a much greater extent than iOS and the new generation of Android smartphones can easily beat the iPhone in terms of specs and hardware. Android is also much better at multitasking that iOS is.

One more reason why you should not buy an iOS device right now is because the iPhone 4 is almost an year old now. It still has very good specifications, but the newer Android phones offer much more – dual core processors, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP cameras. Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is the latest version of Android, and it’s obviously better than all the previous iterations.

If you do want to go with the iPhone only, then you should probably wait until September or October, as that’s when the iPhone 5 is expected to launch. Since that’s almost 6 months away, I would suggest that you go with an Android device.

So which Android smartphone should you buy?

There are many great options available in India. There’s the LG Optimus 2X, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Xperia Play etc. All of them are priced around Rs. 30k. If you want a gaming device, go for the Xperia Play. If you want the best camera phone, go for the Xperia Arc. It has the best 8 MP camera in all Android phones. If you want a cheap option, go for the LG Optimus 2X. It is priced at around 26k, which makes it the cheapest in the current lot of Android devices.

But if you want the best option overall, I would go with the Samsung Galaxy S 2. It is expected to launch in a month and offers the best features. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S was the iPhone 4’s greatest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will probably be the best Android device which can compete with the upcoming iPhone 5. It also has a 6 month head start over the iPhone 5, so it should probably see great sales.

The initial reviews of the Galaxy S 2 point to just one thing – the Galaxy S 2 is going to be the best Android smartphone of 2011. It has a dual core 1/1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP camera and Android 2.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz 4.0, arguably the best third party UI in Android land. It just kills every other phone in terms of multimedia playback, and has the best display in town – a 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen SuperAMOLED Plus display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

Disclosures: None, really. I’m just a huge Samsung fan and I’m planning to buy the Galaxy S 2. I may be a bit biased towards it, but seriously, it’s definitely going to be the best Android phone of 2011.

PS: If you are an Indian, you can probably expect the iPhone 5 in India by the time Samsung launches the Galaxy S 3.

Samsung Galaxy S 2

N.F. Indian Railways Email System Hacked By PCA

India and Pakistan have never been good at relationships either offline and online and this has been apparent with the Indian hackers hacking Pakistani websites and the Pakistani Cyber Army (PCA), as they call themselves hacking several high profile websites like the CBI website and more.

However, it looks like things had calmed down as the PCA offered a Ceasefire on hacking Indian websites. However, it looks like that the war is on again. Some Indian hackers hacked the Pakistani Air Force Backup server and several other servers on the same network and in retaliation the Pakistani Cyber Army has hacked the email system for the Indian Railways.

Indian Railways Email Hacked

In a Press Release sent to us by the PCA from an email address [email protected], which is an email address for the Indian Railway system. In addition to that, they also send us screenshots of the administration panel of Indian Railways email and a screenshot displaying a welcome message for the new email they created (click to enlarge).

Indian Railways Email Admin Panel Hacked

Indian Railways Email Welcome Message

In their message to us the PCA said that they have extracted email addresses and passwords for the Indian Railways and also downloaded confidential emails that existed in the system, however, they did not delete any messages from the servers. The email system they hacked seemed to be the N.F Railways which is also known as the Northeast Frontier Railways.

However, it does not look like any of the Indian Railways servers were compromised at all because the N.F. Railways uses a service called Atmail as their mail solution and it looks like the PCA discovered vulnerabilities in it and exploited them. We have contacted Atmail for more insights into this and as to how they are going to tackle this.

Such kind of things are really not acceptable, however, it does go to show that people can take national enmity to any level including the internet. You can read the entire message sent to us by the PCA below.

Dear All, Answer to Indian hackers for hacking the server of Pakistan Air Force

We are Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality). Many times we told Indian hackers out there from various groups that don’t mess with any Pakistani site or server especially systems from government organizations. We observe another attack on 22nd April 2011 at Pakistan Air Force Server backup server and other 8 machines on the same network. We would like to tell you that Pakistan Cyber Army is looking at each and every move you do on the cyber front of Pakistan. Indian hackers were unable to do anything accept taking screenshot of the server. We told you before that we will smoke your door off but we think you more like to be burned in fire then accept some. Go read some course books else you will lose both your name and this game.

We hacked Indian railway’s email system and download all of the confidential emails as well as email addresses and their passwords. Next time we will attack your more sensitive areas where it will hurt you more. We did not delete anything on the mail system although we thought about it for a while but we are not out to destroy. Never under estimate capabilities of Pakistan and the sons of the land. Your Central bureau of investigation still looking for our clues keep on Looking CBI and use all of your investigation Agencies, keep on searching us in USA, Latvia, China, India and all of the countries listed on the MAP. We are for peace as long as no offensive attacks from your side. We are Nationalist and we are on our mission and that is the retaliation. We can’t stop Indian hackers to hack servers on our side but we can give you the best of answers possible. Your National Informatics Centre team is useless you guys can’t stop us.

We don’t accept your supremacy in Information Technology as well as in any other field. We have the minds to answer your every move. We are for Pakistan and Pakistan Cyber Army Knows its responsibility and we will never shatter the hopes of our Pakistanis. We are sleeping but not dead.

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Cyber Army (Real PCA is Reality) Peace

Air India Launches Mobile Check-In For Flights

Air India has announced the launch of a WAP portal which will let all the domestic passengers traveling by Air India flights to check into the aircrafts and select a seat of their choice right from their mobile phones. The mobile check-in facility has been launched currently for the airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru and will be extended to other stations and international flights in a phased manner.

Using this facility, all Air-India passengers just need to visit on their web-enabled mobile handsets by logging in to and following sequence-wise instructions as provided. Users have to enter their Flight booking ID and their last name in order to get access to the Checkin portal. Mobile check-in will reduce waiting time and is yet another add-on facility for passengers along the lines of tele check-in, web check-in and self check-in kiosks.

Indiatimes, YouTube To Jointly Live Stream IPL 4 Matches

The IPL 4 kicked off last Friday and several matches of the tournament are already over. Unlike IPL 3 which was broadcasted live on YouTube, the IPL 4 2011 live broadcasting rights were with Times Group.

IPL 4 2011

However, less than one week into the tournament and Google and Indiatimes have both come up with an agreement where the IPL 4 2011 matches will be broadcast on too.

YouTube will broadcast all the IPL 4 2011 matches live online at Users can also catch up with match highlights and other videos on the website. Alternatively, users can also watch the IPL 4 2011 matches live online at

If you aren’t able to watch the matches on either of the above pages, you can check an earlier post to find alternative links to Watch IPL 4 2011 Live Online. Launches AdiQuity – Mobile Ad Platform

Last time we talked about was when it’s top executives were arrested on charges of Music copyright violation and piracy on one of their products – the Music Search which was eventually shut down. Now, the Bangalore-based company has come up with a mobile advertising platform called AdIQuity that lets mobile publishers monetise their mobile content and applications.

Here are some points about this ad network from Guruji:

  • A real time optimization is applied on the global ad inventory accessible through several ad network partners from across the world after which the most relevant ad is served to the publisher’s mobile content.
  • AdIQuity registers more than 1.5 billion impressions per month across hundreds of publisher partners
  • Users on these platforms hail from around 200 countries across APAC, US, Europe and Africa.

According to the CEO of, Mr. Anurag Dod:

The last few months have seen hundreds of publishers signing up with AdIQuity and realising increased monetary gains through the platform. The publisher base has shown phenomenal growth both in terms of volumes and diversity of mobile users. Our high performance mobile platform can scale up to 10x of the current volume with the existing infrastructure.

IPL 4 2011 To Be Broadcast on Times Network Not YouTube

The fourth edition of IPL 4 will be starting on Friday, April 8th, 2011. This years IPL is bigger than ever with 10 teams participating for the ultimate glory and big prize money.

IPL 4 2011

After IPL 3 was over there was a lot of controversy and court cases, but finally we will see 10 teams including the 8 from last year and 2 new teams including Kochi Tuskers and Pune Warriors.

This years IPL 4 will be played over 51 days and a total of 75 matches. The fixtures of the IPL 4 can be downloaded from the official site at IPL 4 2011 will also be broadcasted online, however, unlike last year where IPL 3 was broadcast live on YouTube, this year the broadcasting rights have been bought by Times Network.

Cricket lovers who want to watch the match can catch all the action of the fourth season of Indian Premier League (IPL 4) live online at

Indiatimes will be Live Streaming all IPL 4 2011 matches, IPL 4 opening ceremony and IPL 4 closing ceremony on their website. They will also have a exclusive website to catch up on all the live scores, IPL 4 news and more on the website which will be unveiled in 2 days time.

So if you are an IPL or Cricket fan, head over to Indiatimes to catch up on all the Live Streaming action from IPL 4 2011.

How To Buy iPad 2 in India

While Steve Jobs is busy minting money with the new iPad 2 launch in the US of A, we Indians have to be satisfied with the old iPad that is finally being sold in stores around here. The old iPad, which is so last year has 256MB of RAM as compared to the newer one which has 512MB and is also thinner, lighter and has the wonderful smart cover accessory with a microfiber cleaning layer that cleans the screen of the iPad 2 and also doubles as a magnetically attached stand for the device.


So, do I hear all of you pouncing at the title? This means all of you must be one of those gadget crazy people with a lot of money to shell out. If you are not, then you’re going to be disappointed. The iPad 2 for us Indians can be procured at eBay at insane prices. All of these are the Wifi only models, since the 3G + Wifi is locked to the AT&T carrier in the US:-

These rates do not include the customs tax that you are bound to be faced with when you buy the iPad 2. For now, this is the only legit way of buying the iPad 2 in India at exorbitant prices. Other options are always available on (you just need to search around!)


A word of warning here: do not trust the apparently cheapsite called Many users have warned against using their services as they provide no physical address of their company. As always, use the Web of Trust to see whether a site is trustworthy or not.

Car Service Portal Raises Seed Funding is a unique car portal that helps car owners to search for car service centers and car spare sellers in their neighbourhood. All in all, can be termed as an online car repair shop. The portal lists car service centers for various brands and helps users connect to the right car workshop, thereby saving on car servicing bill. has raised it’s seed funding from debutant Seed fund firm – MyFirstCheque. Although there has been no official word on the amount of investment yet but MyFirstCheque typically invests amount withing Rs 20 lakh in startups and takes an equity stake between 15 to 25 per cent.

Rakesh K Sidana, the CEO of said that My First Cheque recognised the potential of his idea and has made the much required investment with which, the company looks forward to strengthening the core team and expanding the network further across the country and servicing a larger base of car users.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Priced at Rs 32,000 in India; To be Launched in April

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is one of the most exciting Android smartphone to slated to be launched this year. It should be available soon, but thanks to Flipkart, we can pre-order it in India now.

It is priced at Rs 32,000 ($710) and will start shipping from the 2nd week of April. The pricing is a bit lower than the earlier suggested pricing of Rs 34,000, but it’s still quite steep.

It was announced at MWC in February and will support a library of exclusive PSP games created for the Xperia Play. It looks quite similar to the PSP Go, but sports much better hardware.

It comes with a 4 inch touchscreen display and a sliding gamepad. It has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is powered by a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and an Adreno 205 GPU. It also has a 5 MP camera with LED flash and will launch with more than 50 gaming titles.

Go ahead and book your Xperia Play right away. Game on!

Book Xperia Play at Flipkart

Xperia Play