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Bollywood Music Dhingana

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Indian Rupee Currency Symbol Makes History

If you have been following the news channels and news papers from today and yesterday, you might have learnt of the news that the Indian Rupee Symbol has finally been decided and India has made history to become one of the select few countries to have a symbol for their currency.

Indian Rupee Currency Symbol

Yesterday, I wrote about the Indian currency symbol created by Udaya Kumar which was chosen by the Union Cabinet and also some Indian Currency Symbol Wallpapers, however, one thing that baffled me was that the Indian currency which was chosen was not in the original list of shortlisted rupee symbols.

Another problem with the new Indian Rupee Currency Symbol is that it would be hard to write the symbol down using natural keyboard as there is no Hindi word and this Indian Rupee Symbol was a amalgam of Devanagari “Ra” and Roman capital “R” without the stem.

Once the chosen Indian Rupee Symbol is ratified by the Cabinet and other members, the new Rupee currency notes will start sporting this symbol  (see update below), this does not mean that the old Rupee currency notes will be invalid. Also it would take sometime and efforts to get this Rupee currency symbol to become usable on computers, other than using an image, so there is still lot of work remaining for the government to do before you can type the symbol.

Nevertheless, this is a really proud moment for Indians since the Rupee Symbol will be flaunted across the world and not just the text Rs. What do you think of the new Indian Rupee Symbol, do you like it? Do you hate it? Do let me know about your thoughts.

Update: The Indian Rupee Symbol will not appear on the currency notes as per one of our commentators, the post has been updated to reflect that.

Indian Rupee Symbol Wallpapers

The Indian Rupee Symbol which was decided yesterday has been liked by many and disliked by many. However, it now gives Indian currency an official way to be represented just like dollars and the pound. Many people have liked the new symbol, whereas several have disliked it too.


If you are someone who has like the new Indian Rupee Symbol, you can now decorate your desktop with some cool wallpapers which make use of the Indian Rupee Symbol. The Indian Rupee symbol is made up of the Devanagari "Ra" and Roman capital "R" without the stem.

india_rupee_symbol_wallpaper1 indian_rupee_symbol_wallpaper2

Here are some cool looking Indian Rupee Symbol which you can download and set as your desktop background. To download these Indian Rupee Symbol Wallpapers, visit this link and right click on the images and save it to your PC.


Indian Rupee Symbol Decided, Designed by IIT Student

Last month the Union Cabinet had sat down to choose a symbol for the Indian Rupee out of 5 shortlisted candidates. The decision was expected soon, but it has take well over 2 weeks  to finally choose the Indian Rupee Symbol.


The Indian Rupee Symbol was supposed to be chosen from one of the 5 shortlisted candidates in the picture above. However, according to reports from Indian Express IIT Post Graduate student D Udaya Kumar’s symbol was recommended by the cabinet as the Indian Rupee symbol.


The symbol created by Kumar is an amalgam of the Devanagari Ra’ and the Roman capital R’ without the stem, which is what the Finance minister was looking for. What I found funny though is that the selected Indian Rupee Symbol does not even seem to be in the shortlisted candidates. So where did this new symbol come from?

Was it added later on, or did the Union cabinet look at discuss more than 5 candidates for the Indian Rupee Symbol? This is a mystery I am trying to solve currently. If you have an answer, feel free to let me know about it.

Infosys Adopts Social Media Policies At Work To Curb Leaks

Early this year Infosys had introduced a new management system – ‘iRace’ aimed at remapping the technology skills of it’s employees. iRace attracted unprecedented opposition from Infosys employees on the web via public forums like Facebook and Twitter, often making personal attacks. There also have been numerous instances where two employees working on a same project have shared sensitive data on Facebook.

Now, Infosys Technologies plans to introduce a social media policy next month making it the first Indian company to introduce such a policy. These polocies will help Infosys   to take legal action against employees who leak confidential project / company information on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

According to the senior vice-president and group head, Human Resources, at Infosys – Nandita Gurjar – “The social media policy we plan to introduce will talk about the dos and donts of an employee participating in social media. It is like a code of conduct which aims at stopping the employees from sharing confidential and sensitive company information on unprotected places like social networking sites”.

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Indiatimes Launches HiBuddy – Voice Based Social Mobile Web!

Social Media on the Web is booming and People Connect is the new mantra. And given the fact that Mobile Web consumption is on a rise these days, has just done an apt thing by launching a voice-based social networking and blogging platform called ‘HiBuddy’ ( for mobile phone users.

HiBuddy will enables mobile phone users to create their own profile and network of friends, send voice messages and also record their voice posts or clippings to be shared with or accessed by other members. For creating a profile users need to call a number (58888199) and follow the interactive voice response (IVR) system. After this users can add friends and record voice clips.Users will receive SMS notifications for any new updates.

Initially, the platform will be made available only to users of Reliance Mobile. Later, it will be accessible with other mobile service providers as well. The downside of this service from Indiatimes is that it is not free. Users have to pay Rs 15 every month as subscription fee and Re 1 per minute as voice charges for accessing HiBuddy.

HCL Bags 7 Yr. Contract From Saudi Logistics & Transport Firm

HCL Technologies has signed a seven-year long deal with Saudi Arabia’s Al Majdouie Group. This deal will take care of the Saudi firm’s total information technology. The deal duration is divided into 2 parts – HCL will implement the contract in the first two years and in the next five years, HCL will take care of operations and management for the same.

Al Majdouie’s business spans through transportation, freight forwarding, logistics and distribution. As per the agreement HCL is to develop an infrastructure, implement an Oracle e-business suite with more than 70 modules and finally manage its IT infrastructure. HCL opened its headquarters for West Asia in Dubai and currently services 25 customers, with a headcount of 200.

Indian Foreign Ministry Now Has an Official Twitter Account

The Indian government isn’t exactly known for being social. Shashi Tharoor ran into trouble for his tweets on more than one occasion. However, it appears that the Indian government is finally warming up to the idea of leveraging social networks. India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) now has an official presence on Twitter.


According to the Economic Times, the public diplomacy division of the MEA is planning to reach audiences around the globe through a series of initiatives to harness the power of social networks. A new interactive portal, which is currently under development, will encourage conversations by tapping into both Twitter and Facebook.

India’s foreign ministry is not keen to publicise the Twitter account yet and termed it as a “work in progress”. In spite of this, the official Twitter account has already amassed more than a thousand followers. Obviously the number will increase as the word gets around.

Mumbai New Rickshaw Fares and Calculator

Recently the Mumbai Rickshaw drivers went on a strike to raise the base prices of the tariffs that were paid to them. However, several rickshaw riders in Mumbai will still be clueless about the new fares and may even be cheated by drivers.

Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Fares

If you live in Mumbai and have a GPRS/EDGE phone, you can derive technology and not get cheated when you have to pay up for your ride thanks to a new Mumbai Auto Rickshaw far calculator.

If you have a GPRS or EDGE phone just open your browser and browse to the URL, once you do that, you can enter the metered amount into the input box and hit on the "Auto Fare" button to know the amount you have to pay.

The Rickshaw Fare calculator will show you the amount you have to pay during day time and also after midnight where additional charges are applicable. Enjoy and pay less while you travel in Mumbai Rickshaws.

Anti-Piracy Team Cracks Down On Pirated Movie Digital Discs

Looks like the hindi film industry has now become very cautious over the availability of pirated digital discs of movies in the market. In a series of raids conducted recently, the anti-piracy cell of the Mumbai police seized more than 600 pirated prints of the recently released movie Raavan.

In a raid on 18 June at Andheri East, 1206 discs of Rajneeti, Kites, Prince Of Persia were seized. In another raid on the following day at Dindoshi, a raiding party initially seized 300 prints of Raavan from an Activa bike that followed the seizure of several 6 in 1 DVDs of Raavan, Raajneeti, Prince of Persia, Kites, Ek Second ..Jo Zindagi Badal De and Badmaash Company among others. Again, in a raid on 20 June in Nalasopara, 314 discs of Raavan along with those of Rajneeti, Ironman 2, Prince of Persia and Kites were seized.

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