Aamir Khan Live on Facebook – Peepli Live Chat Streaming

Aamir Khan is busy promoting his movie "Peepli Live" which will be released this Friday in theatres across India. In order to get attention and gain more viewers, Aamir Khan is having a Live streaming and Chat on about the movie.

Aamir Khan Peepli Live Facebook Streaming Chat

The chat will be live and viewers can ask him questions about the movie "Peepli Live" and also interact with him. Peepli Live is a Bollywood movie which has been produced by Aamir Khan. It is based on the farmers suicides and the subsequent media and political response towards it. We have embedded a video of the live streaming of the Aamir Khan Peepli Live movie and chat below.

You can also interact and chat with Aamir Khan through your Facebook account by visiting this link. Have fun and make sure you interact with your favorite Bollywood star.

Indians Use More Notebooks (and Netbooks) Than Desktops [Report]

ITOPS – an IT Hardware study and research report in India released by MAIT – the apex body representing India’s IT hardware has come out with Computer Hardware sales figures for the year 2009 2010. The reports compare sales figures of various computer hardware and peripherals to that of the previous years.

Notebook sales graph

The graph above shows the sales figures for notebook computers (and netbooks) for the last six years. If you take into consideration the last 4 years, you can clearly see that the laptop (notebook & netbook) sales have definitely grown at a very healthy pace. While 850k notebooks were sold in 06-07, the sales numbers tripled over last 4 years to 2.5 million units. (via Trak.in)

Desktop Sales graph

The graph above shows the desktop sales. Although the laptop sales volume per year is nothing as compared to the Desktop sale volumes, but the graph clearly shows that there has been no growth in the sales of desktops from past years and the sales remain steady. (via Trak.in)

No doubt, the increase in usage of notebook has come at the expense of desktops, but it is a good sign that Indians are gradually moving into the mobile world. Notebooks are more energy efficient than desktops and prove to be more useful too!

With IndiaBookStore.Net, You Get The Best Deals From Online Indian Book Stores

Whenever I need to get a new book, I usually look for it online. In fact, I prefer online book stores to real ones unless I’ve got the whole evening on my hands and a friend to give me company, in which case, a real book store is like a night club where everyone is your friend, friends called books. But alas, who has the time. Look for it online, check the price, read the reviews, order. Done. That’s what I do, and I’m pretty sure most of you reading this take the same route.

However, in India, we don’t have a one-stop-shop like Amazon, where you can almost always get good deals and where probably everything you need is available except nasty things. Ha! Anyway, in here in India, we have a few, quite a few to say, online book stores. A few of these online book stores are excellent. They have a large library of books available, prices are good too. Some others, have great deals, but have horrible website navigation and user interface, which not only makes it difficult to find the book you want, but also takes a lot of time. Everyone I know of who buys books online, does this: Search for the book in one store, find it, see the price; open new tab, search for book in another store, find it, see the price and it goes on until they find a good deal.

However, the fallible state of some book stores make our job difficult. Why not one search engine that searches all of the, if not the most popular stores at once?

Animesh Jain (co-founder of iTasveer), a programmer entrepreneur, realized the problem and built IndiaBookStore.net, a book search engine that searches across various online vendors.

IndiaBookStore Animesh Jain calls the development of IndiaBookStore a work in progressbut I already see some shine in it. Here are the features of IndiaBookStore.net that he has highlighted on his blog:

  • Speed the results should come up atleast as fast as searching on the book vendors site directly. No slower. They’ll mostly come up faster.
  • Concurrency – results from all vendors should arrive concurrently, not serially. If a vendor’s site is running slow, then it should not affect any other results. The search engine will handle failures gracefully.
  • Relevance – the best results should be at the top. This is a little tricky because of the way I am implementing things and also depends on how good the relevance is at the vendors’ end.
  • UI and user experience A minimalist UI to focus on the search results and no unnecessary elements/clutter.
  • Scalability – scalability is needed in a couple of ways. One, on handling the traffic, and two, on the UI end, so that I can add about 10 or so book vendors.

Currently, IndiaBookStore supports 4 popular online book stores: Flipkart, Infibeam, Pustak and Indiaplaza.

The books are sorted by relevance and ISBN, and the best deals are marked. From what I noticed, the site marked   the best deals for both paperback and hardcover versions of the book. Personally, I’d love to see IndiaBookStore grow. I’ve had enough of the hard time figuring out different prices, discounts, user interfaces and comparing them and I’m very sure the average smart shopper has had it too. Since the service is still in development, I’ll reserve my critical judgement. Let’s see what the developer comes up with.

Low Cost Tablet Unveiled by Indian Govt, Priced at $30

$30 Indian Tablet UnveiledThe Indian Tablet space is certainly booming. Soon after the launch of the OlivePad 3G Android tablet, we have news of another Indian tablet which will be launched soon.

The Indian government has unveiled a new low cost tablet which will be priced around Rs. 1500 ($30). Unlike the earlier $10 laptop which turned out to be a USB drive, this seems to be real.

This is real, tangible and we will take it forward. The price of the device is expected to be around $35 (Rs. 1,500), gradually dropping down to $20 and ultimately $10 per piece,said Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal.

The tablet will have a touchscreen display and a built in keyboard with 2 GB RAM, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. It will run on a custom Linux based OS and will run Open Office. It will also have an internet browser, PDF reader, video conferencing and media player applications.

It was built by a group of students and professors from IISc Bangalore, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay and VIT Vellore in collaboration with the HRD ministry.

Source: The Hindu

Dell Dethrones HP as the Most Popular PC Brand in India

Dell According to a recent report published by Gartner India, Dell is now the “No 1 PC brand” in India. HP, the global leader, had held onto that position for the past 5 years.

Unlike in most other parts of the world, Dell has a retail presence in India. This move has seen Dell’s market share increase sharply over the past couple of years, as most Indians are still weary of making purchases over the internet. Dell India has also succeeded in building a reputation for itself by providing quick and efficient customer care.

According to the Gartner report, around 2.47 million PCs were sold during Q2 2010. Dell took the lead by selling 3,53,000 PCs (2,35,000 notebooks and around 1,18,000 desktops), while HP and Acer clocked in 3,31,000 and 272,000 PC sales respectively.

Dell has done exceedingly well in consumer, SMB and education segment during Q2 recording a substantial gain over Q1. HP on the other hand has seen a negative growth over Q1 primarily because of the introduction of its new distribution policy in the consumer space,said Diptarup Chakraborti, Principal Analyst of Gartner India.

India To See IPv6 By 2012

Like many other countries in the world, India too is running out of IP addresses on IPv4. This problem of IP address crunch is likely to get more fierce with the upcoming rollout of 3G and broadband wireless access (BWA) services in the country.Well, we as Internet users need not worry at all. According to a new roadmap released by the Indian government, India will start using IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) – a technology that offers more IP address space than what IPv4 provides currently,   from March 2012.

All telecom and ISPs are required to be IPv6-compliant by the end of next year and offer IPv6 services thereafter, the government said in a statement issued on Wednesday by the country’s Press Information Bureau. The switching process will start with Federal and state government ministries and departments and public sector companies who will adopt these new IPv6 services by March 2012.

[Source, Image credit]

Type the Indian Rupee Symbol with Foradian Rupee Font

Indian-Rupee After contemplating on various designs for over a year, the Indian government finally zeroed in on an Indian Rupee symbol earlier this week. The government intends on adopting the chosen symbol nationally within six months, and internationally within 18 to 24 months.

One of the essential steps in this formal process is getting approved by Unicode Consortium. That would lend Rupee a place in the Unicode character map, which will make it possible to use and view the symbol on almost any computer around the globe. Keyboards incorporating the sign should start appearing in India, soon after.

In the meantime, the best option is to use a font, which incorporates the Rupee symbol. Foradian has already created an excellent free font with the Indian currency symbol. In order to use it, simply install the font on your system and press the ` key.

The limitation of this approach is that the symbol won’t be readable on system’s which don’t have this particular font installed. One possible solution is to simply embed the font while saving your document.

[ Download Indian Rupee Font ]

Download Indian Rupee Symbol Font, Type Indian Rupee Symbol

The Indian Rupee Symbol has been finalized and has made History. However, typing the Indian Rupee symbol is not possible yet, because of its uniqueness and it not being part of the keyboard alphabets yet.

Indian Rupee Currency Symbol

Nevertheless, you can always download Indian Rupee Symbol wallpapers for your desktop. These can be downloaded and used on PC, Mac and Linux based desktops. However, if you want to type the Indian Rupee symbol on your PC, you can now do it use the Indian Rupee   Font.

First of all you will need to download the Indian Rupee Symbol from here and install it to your PC. You can read our guide on installing fonts in Linux or also learn how to install fonts on Windows and Mac (see end of article). Once you have installed the Rupee Font, you need to select the font and press the “`” key on the keyboard to insert the rupee symbol into documents.

Right now, the Indian Rupee Symbol will only be viewable on PCs which have the Indian Rupee font installed. You can always create images of the symbol to use on your website. I have embedded some tutorials on how to type the Indian Rupee symbol on your computer after you have installed the form.

Vaseline Launches Facebook App to Make You Appear Fairer

Vaseline-Men Vaseline, a popular cosmetics brand owned by Unilever, has launched a new Facebook app that will retouch your photographs in order to make you appear fairer. The app is mainly targeted at Indians and is promoting a new cosmetic product for men from Vaseline.

Indian’s are well known for their despicable obsession with fairness. The sad reality is that not being fair is still considered to be a disadvantage by most sections of the population. In such an environment, it’s not surprising that fairness creams and lotions continue to sell like hot cakes.

The Vaseline Men page also includes several fashion tips for men, with new ones being added regularly. Pankaj Pariha, the man behind the campaign, claims that the response to the entire Vaseline Men campaign “has been pretty phenomenal”. The application currently has close to 9,000 active users.

Origin of Skin Colour

It is probably unfair to pick on Vaseline alone. It’s not doing anything or suggesting anything that hasn’t been done or said before. Television advertisements for similar products from competitors are still getting away with suggesting that having a fair skin complexion is essential for getting jobs or getting married. The real problem is a lot more than skin deep. The real problem lies within the society itself. And until we change our attitudes, blaming a commercial company tending to the demands of the market won’t get us far.

Download Epic Browser Created By Indians For Indians

There are tons of Internet Browsers available including Internet Explorer, , Firefox, and Safari, however, the Epic Browser is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.


A Bangalore based startup called Hidden Reflex has made available a browser called as the "Epic Browser". Epic Browser is a Internet web browser which is based on Mozilla Firefox, which taps into several services to serve content which is useful and relevant to Indian users.

For example you can get cricket match score updates, share market updates, video streams and more. Epic Browser also has a built in Antivirus solution to keep the bad malware and Trojans out of your PC. Currently Epic browser has over 1500 applications and also supports . Read our earlier review of Epic Browser here or download Epic Browser from here.