Yahoo! India To Publish Content In Six Indian Regional Languages

Yahoo! is running it’s media and news portals in India for a long time. Although Yahoo has been publishing content in the Indian regional language – Hindi, but it is time for them to look towards catering the online content needs for other languages in India which are catching up fast with the web world.

Internet giant Yahoo! has finally decided to host content in six Indian regional languages apart from Hindi and English, by next year. Currently Yahoo is looking for content partners who can create content for Yahoo! in these 6 regional languages, the names of which have not yeet been revealed by Yahoo!

Currently Yahoo! India has a partnership with the publishing house  Dainik Jagran which helps it offer content in Hindi across it’s media portals. Another interesting fact is that Yahoo’s Hindi news traffic has taken over the traffic for Yahoo India’s English content traffic.

India has about 50 million Internet users currently and given the current pace at which new Indian users are getting onboard the world on Internet, this number is likely to go up to 240 million in the next five years. And given the fact that 73 per cent of all Indian Internet users have access to Yahoo!, regional content naturally becomes very important for the company.

India Gets Twitter’s Location Based Trending

Almost a year back we had told you about Twitter’s location based trending that allowed people to see a trending topic for their country or city. Back then, this feature was not available in all countries and India was one of them. And now almost a year later, Twitter has rolled Location Based trending for a couple of more countries including India.

Although, no Indian city has been included in the “City based trending list” but this is good for the starting I feel. In order to try out the location based trending for India, I enabled it from my dashboard. And as expected, Eid Mubarak was top on the trending topics list for India. Other India specific trending topics for the day are Ratan Tata and Gravita India. You can see a screenshot below:

Dell Leads Indian Desktop PC Market With 9.8% Mkt. Share

Dell has had a spectacular growth in the PC market in India. Just in the last quarter, personal computer manufacturer, Dell overtook all other big brands to become the No. 1 in the desktop PC segment for the first time in India with a market share of 9.8 per cent in the third quarter of 2010, according to a research firm IDC. HP and Acer are in the second and the third spots respectively.

However, Dell had overtaken HP in the last to last quarter in the Indian overall PC segment (including notebooks and desktops) with a huge 15.2 per cent market share. Looking at numbers in general, Dell sold 16.7 lakh units of Desktop PCs which alone accounted for nearly 60 per cent of the total PC sales of the company during the September quarter. The company also managed to clock 11.1 lakh units sale for Notebook PCs.

IDC’s Lead PC Analyst Sumanta Mukherjee said that launch of multi-colour models, complemented with aggressive promotions and discounted bundling schemes did the work for Dell especially in the Indian portable notebook market. However, the rate of growth for mini notebook PC shipments dipped marginally. Given the good performance of the desktop PC sector, Dell can definitely cover this up too! Launches Studio For Artists

Online greetings portal has launched a new service called Studio which enables artists worldwide to upload their personal creations and showcase them as e-cards on This opens up a huge platform for artists to showcase their work and talent to the world. Not only this, users on can access multi-lingual as well as multi-cultural content on the site. is used by 120 million unique users annually to send e-cards to their loved ones. The site currently offers over 20,000 greeting cards covering a mix of 3,000 seasonal and everyday categories. These numbers are surely a huge thing for artists who can leverage this all new platform and make their work seen by many, online. is run by an Indian company IntraSoft Technologies. Arvind Kajaria, the managing director of IntraSoft Technologies feels that by leveraging the leadership position of, this new Studio platform will attract a significant number of new users to the website which in turn is expected to positively impact the top line and bottom line of their company.

Reliance Launches Internet Talk Radio

Big Digital, an initiative by Reliance Broadcast Network, has launched Big Net Radio which is a talk internet radio channel that offers entertainment through talk channels over the internet. It has three channels as of now but none of them play any music as the name says, it is a talk radio. The three channels will cover popular areas of appeal, ranging from Bollywood to spiritual and humour.

The radio is available on:

The content available on BigNetRadio has been produced keeping in mind those audiences who seek quick and brief entertainment capsules which help them de-stress. The radio service has been launched as a free of charge service.

Indians Are Most Paranoid About Smartphone Security: Survey

Juniper Networks conducted a global consumer study in association with KRC Research and Synovate with more than 6,000 smartphone and tablet users across 16 countries. It was found that upto four out of five people feel “level of security” is high priority when buying or using smartphones and tablet computers. The study also reveals that more than half of them are anxious about losing their mobile devices, protecting their identities and protecting their families with parental controls.

According to the study Indian smartphone users have shown highest level of concern towards mobile security issues. The figure stood at 90 per cent among the 16 countries which were considered for conducting this study. Other countries that followed India are Brazil and Russia (88 per cent each), Germany (86 per cent) and China and Italy (both at 85 per cent) where users have a high level of security concerns towards using Smartphones.

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BCCI To Stream Live Cricket Matches On It’s Website

With the web taking over our lives day after day, users now want better internet experiences. Take for instance online streaming of events especially sports. We have already told you about the online streaming of Commonwealth Games. Now it’s the turn of The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) which has revamped its official website, The new website supports live streaming of cricket matches that are played between India and other countries.

The live stream can be accessed at:

As of now, Internet users across India will be able to see all matches in the series against New Zealand online. However, there will be a five-minute delay between the live action and the streaming’ which is quite acceptable. Not only this, the website will also have a plethora of other useful features such as an online ball-by-ball commentary and scoresheets of domestic matches. The website is being maintained by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Facebook Hiring Engineers For It’s Palo Alto Office On Indian College Campuses?

We recently had a tip off from a student of one of the best engineering institutions in India located at Kharagpur that Facebook has started the recruitment process for hiring engineers from their campus. Currently the job profile that is being offered is of a Load Balancer at Facebook’s Palo Alto office and the pay package stands at 80,000 USD per annum which is huge for a fresher by Indian standards.

Facebook has been working on a new kind of data structure called the HayStack. The speciality of this data structure is that it reduces the image upload request load off Facebook’s servers. Facebook receives close to 16 million photo upload requests each minute. So instead of uploading these photos one by one, the photos are put in a special array and this array is then uploaded at once.

The engineers who are hired from India will either be made to work on this new technology or as a Load Balancer. I wonder, why is Facebook not hiring core developer talent from Indian campuses.

Hong Kong Wants More Indian IT Firms To Set Shop In Their Country

Not only is US aware of India’s IT expertise and ability. Even countries in the western part of the world are aware of it. In a recent interview with Simon Galpin, director-general of InvestHK, he said that Hong Kong feels it has strong economic ties with India and wants more Indian IT companies to start business in Hong Kong.

More than 1,500 Indian companies are already doing business in Hong Kong and this number is expected to go up. The Indian economy is expanding gradually and markets like Hong Kong can provide Indian businesses a conducive environment. However the major Indian companies doing business in Hong Kong include Indian Banks, airlines and other enterprises. This is one of the main reasons why Hong Kong wants more Indian IT countries in Hong Kong.

via TOI, Image via SpicyIP

“BharatBerry” Launched To Counter BlackBerry Services In India

So what, if the Indian Government finally decides to shut down BlackBerry services in the country. Rajasthan based Data Infosys has launched a solution for all blackberry users. Titled “BharatBerry”, this product is a mobile communication service that works with all blackberry phones and provides more advance push mail with over the air (OTA) backup of your Contact, Task, Calendar and notes.

BharatBerry also provides Sync to your outlook. The Bharat Berry software can be purchased online and available for downloaded from the website For enabling access to all services including e-mails, users will be charged Rs.100 per month, while to ensure access and synchronisation of calendar and contacts the user will have to pay Rs.50 per month. BharatBerry is an Indian compliant Product made in India keeping in consideration all necessary India laws.

The Bharat Berry service on a BlackBerry handset ensures that you remain connected to your email, calendar and contacts through the servers hosted in India, Bharat Berry works through a mix of its very advanced email server known as XGeNPlus, and open source technologies. BharatBerry’s servers are hosted in India, hence there is no compliance issue. The software will be targeted on BlackBerry handsets and by next month. BharatBerry is also supported on all major mobile handsets based on Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and J2ME, which will cover all major mobile handset providers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc.