National Instruments Launches

National Instruments, which is a graphical systems design provider has launched a website to promote it’s non-profit activities in India. The website serves the purpose of meeting the needs of educational institutes and serves as a communication tool between the company and the institutes and ¬†entrepreneurs. On this launch, Jayaram Pillai, the Managing Director of National Instruments, India, Arabia and Russia has said,

This website is launched to serve as a platform for people to share ideas and knowledge which would help to grow the Planet NI Foundation in India.

At the website can find resources for engineering and other jobs. The company also wishes to provide additional services like professor internships, students trainings and certifications.

The website features the three important initiatives of National Instruments STEM, SME and Green Engineering. The latest addition of Green Engineering features the use of Eco-friendly development of products. The response to Green Engineering has been overwhelming according to the Vice President – Sales, Asia, Victor Meires.

It is good to see that Indian companies from unrelated sectors are getting more seriously into online  business and promotions. Visit the official National Instruments website here. Visit here. [Via: Siliconindia ]

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