National Free Software Coalition Announced

The third National Free Software Conference was held at Bangalore and was attended by 1500 participants from all over the country. The Conference aimed at promoting the use of Free Software from not just a technical aspect but as an ideology. To better promote the ideology of Free Software, the Free Software Coalition was announced. The Coalition has a total of 16 movements and aims to better the condition of open standards in India.

Free Software activist from India, Kiran Chandra told a national newspaper, The-Hindu,

The movement, which originated in small Linux User Groups at the IITs [Indian Institutes of Technology], has gained significant momentum recently. However, this needs to be taken to the next level to increase its user base and subsequently push the need for Free Software, and free societies, across the country.

The conference saw a number of case studies in areas where free software is used by the government to maintain records. This helps in cutting down costs significantly. The best thing about the conference was that it did not just see Free Software movement as being technical and “strictly for developers”.

The Conference has tie-ups with many state level Free Software groups like  FSMWB from West Bengal and Swecha from Andhra Pradesh etc. The Coalition has numerous members from educational backgrounds.
[Via: The Hindu ]

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