Mumbai New Rickshaw Fares and Calculator

Recently the Mumbai Rickshaw drivers went on a strike to raise the base prices of the tariffs that were paid to them. However, several rickshaw riders in Mumbai will still be clueless about the new fares and may even be cheated by drivers.

Mumbai Auto Rickshaw Fares

If you live in Mumbai and have a GPRS/EDGE phone, you can derive technology and not get cheated when you have to pay up for your ride thanks to a new Mumbai Auto Rickshaw far calculator.

If you have a GPRS or EDGE phone just open your browser and browse to the URL, once you do that, you can enter the metered amount into the input box and hit on the "Auto Fare" button to know the amount you have to pay.

The Rickshaw Fare calculator will show you the amount you have to pay during day time and also after midnight where additional charges are applicable. Enjoy and pay less while you travel in Mumbai Rickshaws.

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  • Hi, These are the mobile softwares to get the Auto Rikshaw and Taxi Fares for Mumbai on your mobile handset (both day and mid-night). Depending on your handset download either jar or jad file or both. This software shows the new tariff (since 24 June 2010) automatically as you type the meter number on your cell phone. These softwares are free of charge. You don't require GPRS (internet) connectivity for these softwares

    Auto Fare

    Your download link is:… (For jad file)

    Your download link is:… (For jar file)

    Taxi Fare

    Your download link is:… (For jad file)

    Your download link is:… (For jar file)

  • saishiva

    this is for bangalore auto drivers :

    in bangalore bmtc bus charge is very high. they in the name of service make huge profit therefore please do like this. auto drivers may pickup three people in bmtc bus stand drop to 1 – 2 km or 2 or 3 stops people are agree to this type so many people are waiting for bus and also very huge price all the drivers do the same earn more income and regular income please forward this message to all the friends save passangers and earn more.

  • Rohan

    I’d rather use an ofline application.GPRS/EDGE speed is not too fast.A better option:

  • Ratnakant

    This is another application by Mr. Neeraj Pattath, check this link

  • How often we feel cheated when we travel by a Auto Rickshaw or decide to take a Taxi? The meter runs faster, Rickshaw wala’s demand extra fares, a new-comer to the City is taken by a longer route, and the fare cards are incorrect and inflated! The list is virtually endless… The Government, local transport authorities, police, etc. are doing a good job at controlling this menace, but are still ineffective. Do we have a solution?

    The only thing that can be done, is bring awareness among the commuters. No, just carrying the fare cards will not solve the issue. We need something more! is a service that allows a user to pre-calculate (estimate) the fare between any two locations in the City. Not only fares is calculated, but the service also displays a Google Map with the detailed route and distance.

  • SDS

    There’s this website called that also provides auto rick and taxi fares on your mobile phone. Also, the site lets you compare billing difference between Tata Power and Reliance Infra.